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Output characteristics of different software

we have introduced many new ideas about prepress output before. This article is based on some experience summarized by people who have been engaged in prepress work for many years, hoping to give readers some reference

confirm whether the output center has the font used in the file, otherwise it needs to be carried. When storing graphics, check whether the color mode is CMYK mode to avoid color deviation. Check the link file before output, and change the link information in time if there is any change. Images with a large amount of graphics are stored in EPS format. Do not include halftone and include in the storage options Option. If it is placed in PageMaker, it should be cut and rotated before placing. If the graphics are in TIFF format, delete unnecessary channels and paths before storage. It is recommended not to store them in LZW compressed format. TIFF format with large amount of graphics is put into PageMaker layout file, which is prone to stretch deformation, and should be stored in EPS or DCS format

pc version PageMaker 6.5c Chinese font download, easy to lose words, symbol displacement, large characters with teeth. EPS format files placed in PageMaker are easy to be lost after rotation. Please put them into PageMaker software after rotation. Do not use bold effect and underline effect for Chinese text in PageMaker. The blank space should be deleted when the text entered by PC is put into PageMaker, otherwise it is easy to appear garbled code. There is a version problem in the PC font library, which is easy to cause text displacement and loss after replacement. Please prompt the output center for the version number of the font used when exporting. The trap selection of PageMaker should be used with caution. Please watch the predictive effect. The fonts in CoreIDRAW 8.0 cannot use Windows system Chinese fonts such as Song typeface, bold typeface and Kai typeface. Do not print file information when printing. 46 versions of Hanyi's four treasures of study are output, and symbols will appear in front of the words. The PSD format image output speed of coreldra is extremely slow. In some versions, with channels or rotation, the image will be incomplete and should be converted to bitmap. Do not use paragraph text in CorelDRAW, please turn it into art text or curve. In CorelDRAW, you can use the shading and patterns attached to the software to fill the graphics, or as a base map; Please note: 1. Selecting the appropriate accuracy usually greatly improves the stability of the product, which is 1% of the number of output lines 0 times. If the accuracy is too low, it will affect the accuracy of the graph, and if it is too high, it will affect the output speed. 2. The selected base map should pay attention to whether its attribute is CMYK mode. Generally, the filled base map shading is the protection mode of RGB ecological environment, and should be converted to four-color mode

when using CorelDRAW, in order to improve the speed (output), if the file is relatively large, there are more graphics in the combined version, it is best to combine the base maps of several small versions into one, reduce the amount of information in the file, improve the output speed, and pay attention not to convert the text into bitmap 2 The rotation axis of the pointer is dirty (especially small characters). If the text is turned into a bitmap, the accuracy of the text will be affected. For white fills and lines in illustrator and freehand, check the overprint option in the attribute to avoid loss. When interpreting the spot color gradient in the illusterator file, please note that please prompt the output center. If you use EPS dcs1.0 2.0 format or PS image format, please prompt the output center. The effect of gradient processing in desktop system is not ideal. It is best to add a speck in the filter of Photoshop when making. Please note when using Founder wits typesetting software: among the fonts provided by wits, the following fonts cannot be arranged in the output center: thick song amber 2 super thick black medium round colorful cloud Han bamboo slips Song Si Xin Bao Song Ping black thin golden body yellow grass Chang Mou Japanese 1 Japanese 2 Japanese white Kangti please prompt whether there is a large-area gradient (red, yellow, black) of darker colors than the new EU standard when outputting. If you use vector graphics software such as CoreIDRAW, freehand, illustrator, etc., it is recommended to convert the font to curve or path if there is no special effect processing, so as to ensure the foolproof font. (Note: if you convert to a path or curve, aliasing may occur on the screen, but it does not affect the output.)

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