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Ouyang Zhongcan, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Micro LED is a potential new star of display technology

Professor Yang Zhizhong, Institute of optoelectronics, National Taiwan University, pointed out that micro LED has advantages over OLED in terms of power consumption, brightness, resolution, response speed, etc., but it faces technical challenges in engineering

Gong Zheng, a researcher at Guangdong semiconductor industry technology research institute, introduced that micro LED is a valuable new generation of display technology. The monochrome display technology has made great progress, but the pressure loss in the full-color system has increased; On the contrary, the development of micro LED display technology has yet to take time, and engineering problems such as the yield of massive assembly and the color conversion efficiency of quantum dots in the production workshop need to be solved

"He believes that the impact of micro led on the display industry is not obviously disruptive at present, but it will form a new pattern in which micro led, LCD and OLED complement each other. In his view, before the full-color micro LED technology scheme is immature, it may be wise to choose to invest in the monochrome micro LED technology application market or miniled to focus on basic research, industrialization, utilization demonstration and other links.

about not yet Ouyang Zhongcan, an academician of the Institute of theoretical physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, concluded that 8K, AMOLED and quantum dots are all development opportunities for the mainland in the future. For AMOLED, the mainland has been building lines at present, and the problem of life in terms of large size still needs to be solved. Micro LED is still facing problems such as full-color, yield, light-emitting wavelength and so on. In terms of printing, TCL and other enterprises in the mainland have begun to make efforts and achieved success in research and development

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