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Logitech and ByteDance's flying Book jointly create a new experience of efficient and pleasant video conferencing

recently, Logitech and ByteDance's office platform flying Book jointly held the first stop of the Logitech flying book conference room software and hardware integrated video collaboration overall solution national tour exhibition, which was the first to open in Shanghai

this is the first official offline public appearance of the overall video collaboration solution jointly created by Logitech and flybook since they announced the strategic cooperation in September this year. With innovative intelligence, it is easy to generate electrostatic energy, conference space and a comprehensive solution integrating software and hardware. Logitech and Feishu hope to work together to bring efficient and pleasant conference experience to Chinese enterprise users

explore advanced work theories, introduce their promising investment targets to the capital market

organizational collaboration, infinite future

as an internal collaboration and communication platform developed by ByteDance, flybook has made a great contribution to the significant improvement of the global digital operation efficiency of ByteDance. Byte is the demand development and operation update of many products, all of which rely on flybook, a powerful tool for collaborative office

since the beginning of this year, the changes in the market environment have accelerated the rapid popularization of the office mode. Flybook has also announced that it will be open to all enterprises and organizations for free. Through the integration of collaborative office, document management, audio and video conferencing and open platform enterprises, it is impossible to do business at a loss, so as to improve the efficiency of cross team, cross department and cross space collaboration, Create a powerful tool for enterprises to support personalized collaboration scenarios from the bottom design of product capabilities. At the same time, flybook has made remarkable achievements in leveraging the top customers in the industry. Leading enterprises in the Internet fields such as Xiaomi, geek Park and Xiaoguo culture have affirmed the efficiency improvement of enterprise collaboration and organizational digitalization brought by flybook

one stop conference room solution

efficient and pleasant new experience of video collaboration

on September 7, 2020, flybook released the flybook conference room solution, which is deeply combined with the flybook suite. Based on the powerful video conference capability of flybook, combined with Logitech's full range of audio and video peripheral hardware products, through the combination of software and hardware, we can open up the whole scene of enterprise collaboration space and jointly provide enterprise users with an overall solution for video conferencing, Meet the needs of enterprises for efficient meetings

the overall solution of the conference room jointly created by Logitech and flybook covers all aspects of enterprise meetings. From pre meeting appointment, in meeting management to post meeting summary, it provides users with an efficient, convenient, intelligent and pleasant new video conference experience, both in terms of software use and hardware operation

the overall solution of the conference room cooperated by Logitech and flybook covers a variety of common collaborative space scenarios of enterprises, including personal desktop, mini conference room, small conference room, medium and large conference room to multi-functional space, providing enterprise users with a one-stop solution choice for the whole scene

adhere to innovation

jointly explore new opportunities in China's video conferencing industry

Logitech has gradually transformed into a cloud peripheral hardware manufacturer in recent years, always adhering to the concept of helping users create, achieve and enjoy products and experiences. Since entering the field of video conferencing in 2011, from the iterative upgrading of audio and video hardware products to the expansion and extension of the overall solution scenario of video collaboration, Logitech has continued to innovate, realizing the strategic transformation from product sales to solution sales, and providing users with complete services and experience from product function realization to deployment, installation and maintenance

according to the market research data of synergy research in Q3 2020, the shipment of Logitech video collaboration hardware equipment continued to grow, accounting for 58.3% in the global USB video conference system in Q3 [1]. It fully proves that Logitech video collaboration hardware products are highly recognized by global markets and enterprise users

at the same time, for its market positioning in the cloud video ecosystem, Logitech has always been clear that it will not become the leader of the ecosystem, but will adhere to the concept of open and win-win cooperation, be the first batch of green manufacturing demonstration list in the ecosystem, and release a firm hardware supporter and an indispensable important strategic partner

this strategic cooperation with ByteDance's flybook is another practice of Logitech's localization strategy in China, and also reflects that Logitech's brand strength and product strength are once again recognized by China's head cloud video software manufacturers. Logitech hopes to work with Feishu to provide more high-quality solutions based on business collaboration needs for Chinese enterprise users with continuously innovative and upgraded product experience, customizable scenarios and industry solutions

Mr. Chen mingbin, head of Logitech Greater China video collaboration category, said that nowadays, the innovation of cloud video collaboration solutions and the collaboration mode of various industries are undergoing great changes. China and the global cloud service market have entered a stage of rapid growth. Logitech, as a provider focusing on cloud peripheral hardware solutions, will work with the strategic partners of cloud service collaboration platforms to work together for education, health care, government Enterprises and other users in various industries create efficient and convenient collaboration methods and solutions that meet business needs, and jointly help more Chinese enterprises promote enterprise digital transformation and upgrading through high-quality Internet collaboration

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