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The preparation project of long carbon chain nylon was selected into the national "863" plan

the key preparation technology project of long carbon chain nylon 1212 and high temperature semi aromatic nylon 12t to improve the market efficiency of new products undertaken by Henan Zhengzhou University, and was recently listed into the national "863" plan biological chemical combination synthesis technology project of polyurethane products

it is reported that Jiangxi Yichun Yuanda Chemical Co., Ltd. is responsible for the subject of bio chemical combination synthesis technology of polyurethane products, which is jointly undertaken by leading enterprises engaged in the processing of bio based polyesters such as Shandong Hanlin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as well as colleges and universities such as Huazhong University of science and technology, Zhengzhou University and Beijing University of technology. The preparation technology of biological long-chain binary acid based nylon undertaken by Zhengzhou University is a sub subject of this subject. It mainly develops the key preparation technology of long-chain nylon 1212 and high-temperature semi aromatic nylon 12t. The goal of the subject is to develop the industrial production technology of 10000 ton nylon 1212 and nylon 12t

long carbon chain nylon and high temperature resistant semi aromatic nylon are widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronic and electrical fields. Foreign countries need to pass strict tests before they can be put into use. It is forbidden to transfer the production technology of such products to China, while China needs to import 10 billion yuan worth of long carbon chain nylon and heat-resistant nylon materials from abroad every year

it is reported that China attaches great importance to the development and production of nylon 1212 and high-performance high-temperature resistant nylon resin. Both of these two varieties are listed in the national development and safety management and control. The idea is to give priority to prevention. The development project of tensile testing machine in the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011 Edition) of the national development and Reform Commission is encouraged

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