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The logistics industry has derived many product chains

Abstract: in contrast, today's road less than carload logistics industry has really many products, and all kinds of products are springing up. While we are grateful for innovation, we pay more attention to the quality and matching of products. Instead of a swarm of people staring at one thing

recently, I always feel an anxiety, a crisis that collapses at any time, and I haven't raised my pen for a long time. Finally, I have a spiritual feeling to talk about many logistics products (only limited to the road LTL industry). In today's logistics industry, the product war caused by the flow of simple goods is imminent, and it is likely to become more and more intense. Logistics is the process of simple flow of goods, It is such a simple flow process, which has derived many product chains, but after careful analysis, it is no wonder that it is as follows:

1. The ancient landlord business, through offline physical agglomeration, the provider of stalls, pays simple property and water and electricity fees, referred to as landlord rental products

2. Physical agglomeration, through online information agglomeration and crowd agglomeration, forms a small community service with extended informatization and business behavior, which is referred to as logistics community products (highway port)

3. Through information services with decentralized resource logistics enterprises, we can form online information interconnection and get through online orders. Why? Its 1 simple financial management, the formation of information popularization and product R & D upgrading, mainly promote professional logistics information management system, referred to as logistics information products (today's logistics information providers also began to extend their precipitation in the industry, the introduction of products, mainly targeted sales, targeted and accurate products)

4. Through offline integration of goods sources, form a community of interests with logistics enterprises (even individual tripartite information), jointly build trunk transportation capacity, only serve as a provider of tools, form a point-to-point regional thickness, and form a regional convective transportation capacity network, referred to as regional large fleet products

5. Through the project accounting period of logistics enterprises, through reasonable evaluation and three-party agreement guarantee, and through the internal multi-dimensional risk control system, freight advance is formed, which is referred to as operation loan or freight factoring product for short

6. Through the good evaluation of logistics enterprises, mainly data precipitation, business performance and fixed assets evaluation, and then add some platforms or enterprises to form a credit rating with their own enterprise characteristics. In order to help them reduce business pressure, they pay for daily operations, referred to as business loan products

7. Through the judgment of the industry, it is considered that the oil leakage of the oil circuit system is generally present. Now the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline can be their own boss, join some enterprises or platforms, pay a certain deposit or franchise fee, and complete the loan of funds from store to tool through the parent company, which is referred to as store or novice loan product

8. Through the transportation timeliness, safety and quality of its own products, and external commitments, if it does not arrive within the specified time limit, the current freight will be refunded, which is referred to as scheduled arrival, scheduled arrival, precision flight, or Kaban products for short

9. Place an order through the online platform, deliver goods within the radius of the area, and deliver them within the specified time, which is referred to as the city easyda products for short. They are mainly battery cars, which are all over the street

10. Become a member of some enterprises or platforms through the mode of alliance or cooperation. For members with demand but no financial strength, they are given financial loans in the after market, which is referred to as truck financial products, value-added services

11. Through its strong financial strength and solution ability, it forms upstream revenue collection, realizes the matching of vehicles, people and businesses again through its own business development needs, and forms a capital fleet or platform fleet, which is referred to as the large fleet product (this fleet refers to the hybrid type, with its own vehicles, partners, social integration, and financial fleet)

12 Through the original PC logistics information, link the current mobile intelligence, form the symmetry of data and information, complete online registration, pay a certain fee, referred to as vehicle cargo matching, and form an extension through the matching information, such as card issuance, oil sales, invoicing, insurance staging, driver credit card, capital loan advance, referred to as supply chain products

there are too many product chains caused by logistics, and there are too many training. A series of logistics derivatives, such as media, consulting, overall help storytelling, technical monitoring, technical inquiry, paperless office, have transformed a process that should have been a simple flow of goods into a richly packed daughter. To sum up, the main dimensions of the current products come from:

first, the logistics products themselves, which are authentic logistics products. They are real Kung Fu products that test their own operation ability and service ability. As a result, users have generated distrust of domestic brands and network layout ability, such as today's precision Kaban, precision road zero load and so on

second, products related to the financial part extended through logistics, which are based on the essence of logistics products. We can see them as derivative products or parasitic products. Most of them rely on the needs of logistics enterprises themselves, especially the capital. They are always changing, and nothing is hot at present

third, it is the extension of business flow, forming a new transfer of property rights. From procurement to the end, logistics is completed in one stop, which is a broader product of trade flow, business flow and information flow in supply chain products, and the combination of capital flow and payment

fourth, relying on the characteristics of logistics transactions and flows, offline physical agglomeration, post platform market economy, etc., which are equivalent to the essential products of logistics, some of which must be used, and some of which must be rigid products to be purchased, such as insurance

today's so-called logistics innovative products suddenly found that many returned to the original intention and went back to the front link for refinement. The basic essence can never be forgotten. For example, some front end warehouses discussed recently, such as convenience store business, have returned to us in a blink of an eye

in fact, among many products, especially those involving road less than carload, it is not difficult for us to observe carefully. In fact, many products in today's market, some parts are basically surplus products, homogeneous products. In the end, the strength, service, cost and efficiency are compared, and then the last one is who buys who

as the business director of a leading enterprise in the industry said on an occasion: today's express delivery will only be two or three in the future. Suddenly, I found that, well, it makes sense, because many express products rely on this leading enterprise

in the competition of homogeneous products, the first is the finance we are fond of talking about. In the end, it is interest, which is convenience, but convenience cannot forget the original intention. Risk control is forever painful

there are also swarms of intra city service products. The city is full of running donkeys. They are all optimistic about intra city distribution, and they all need to make efforts to layout. In the end, how many intra city distribution can be laughed at. Most of the intra city distribution is business and path overlap, and it can be reorganized through layout optimization, which is nothing more than regional differences. Intra city products will certainly set off a magnificent war of wisdom and courage, terminal distribution, In twos and threes, in all directions, and finally, the so-called intelligent interconnected products with high-tech content

in fact, we are looking carefully. Most of these high-tech products add more orders, data transparency and visualization, or add an encryption and face recognition, reading, electronic fence, intelligent path, or increase the commonality of some homogeneous competitor products

in today's market, more and more homogenization has made the demander insensitive. What is needed, what is redundant, what is market driven, and what is office driven for users' reference are all related to the future of products

products are demand driven, the key to production is experience, the impact is the embodiment of comprehensive ability, and the performance is synergy, not independent individuals, fighting alone

first, the homogeneous products and services in the logistics industry do not have much extended value, just scale and short-term services, lacking relative viscosity

second, homogeneous products and differentiated services fully meet the end service needs, and pay attention to improving product experience, efficiency, safety and quality

third, homogeneous products lack personalized fulcrum and selling points, and there is no strategic fulcrum. The entry of complete homogenization depends on price. In the end, low price is a double-edged sword, hurting others and not self serving. Today, when many enterprises launch new products, price is the first to bear the brunt. Homogenization hits the price, killing thousands of enemies and losing 800

fourth, many homogeneous products are more interesting. When we ask about the root causes, the answer is even more helpless. This is what we think. In fact, we will be surprised to find that what we think in running a company is completely different. Products are closely linked to the market, and products are fully integrated with demand groups, rather than wishful thinking. We launch them, and they buy them. Today is not a planned era, We are in charge of production, and the market naturally has demand

in contrast, there are really many products in today's road less than carload logistics industry, and various products are springing up. While we are grateful for innovation, we pay more attention to the quality and matching of products. Instead of a swarm of people staring at one thing

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