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The logistics industry should pay attention to the recycling of pallets

shared pallets are an effective instrument used in the logistics process to realize the unit operation of container loading, achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and reducing costs, and are also conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection. With the growth of China's economic aggregate and the modernization of logistics, the national standard stipulates that the level of linear elastic metal materials using the conventional push e parallel line method is improved, and the total amount of pallets will accelerate after being used for a period of time. However, wood is still the main material for pallets in China. In this regard, effective measures should be taken to seriously solve the problems of material substitution, recycling, sharing and standardization of pallets

first, encourage material substitution. At present, plastic trays have gradually become a global trend. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets have a service life of about 10 times longer than wooden pallets, and are more reliable, which can reduce the damage of goods caused by pallet damage. We believe that the lighter weight can reduce the cost of transportation. At the same time, it also has advantages such as easy recycling. The most important thing is to reduce the consumption of forest resources

second, we should advocate consistent palletization. The so-called consistent palletization is to form a one-stop process of storage, delivery, transportation, purchase and storage. From the beginning of product output, it is loaded on the pallet, and the same pallet is used until the end user. This can reduce the number of loading, unloading and overturning of goods in the logistics process, speed up the circulation speed and save logistics costs

third, establish a tray sharing system. At present, developed countries have generally adopted the way of pallet leasing to establish a pallet sharing system and repeatedly raise and lower the lead screw. Enterprises using pallets can rent and return pallets nearby as long as they pay the necessary rent. It is estimated that the establishment of a pallet sharing system can reduce the total number of pallets by one third. However, the pallets of the vast majority of enterprises in China are still turnover within the enterprise. Therefore, the construction of pallet sharing system can be an important entry point to promote the modernization of logistics in China

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