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Logitech government industry user video conference system solution

as the management department of economic and social development, government departments need to hold various meetings frequently to convey guidelines and policies, arrange work, 6704 papermaking enterprises in 2018, and exchange experience. In the past, when holding meetings, we had to go to the designated venue. Time, traffic safety, efficiency and cost were all issues that needed to be considered, especially when the government held meetings in remote mountainous areas, the traffic was inconvenient, and the post meeting spirit was conveyed at all levels with low efficiency

improve the government's ability to govern

with the video conference system, we can not only improve the efficiency of government departments, but also greatly improve the emergency response ability of government departments and improve the satisfaction of governance

specifically, government departments can be improved in the following aspects after adopting the video conference system

realize multi-point and multi video remote conference. With the video conference system, multiple leaders and departments can conduct multi-channel video conference at the same time, and multiple people can be invited to participate in the meeting to improve the efficiency of the meeting

improve emergency response ability. With the video conference system, when an emergency occurs, it can quickly access the on-site video to improve the efficiency and accuracy of leaders' command and mobilization of relevant personnel

video conferencing system is not a new technology. Its history can be traced back to 50 years ago, but at that time, video conferencing used analog system, which not only had poor image and sound effects, but also was expensive. With the development of digital technology, analog technology is gradually replaced by digital technology, but the problem of high price has not been well solved

at present, video conference systems are mainly divided into two categories, one is the traditional hardware video conference system represented by Polycom, and the other is the new software video conference system represented by Logitech

Logitech video conference system with higher cost performance

hardware video conference system because users need to buy a large number of hardware equipment and dedicated lines, although the effect is good, the price of tens of thousands of people makes the purchase and maintenance cost of users very high. Under the background of strict economy in government departments, it is not suitable for promotion in government departments

Logitech's software video conference system has the advantage of not purchasing too many hardware equipment compared with the hardware video conference system. Because Logitech's software video conference system is based on the user's existing PC conference system, there is no need to purchase it separately. With the substantial improvement of PC performance, users no longer need to worry about the problems of PC in processing video and audio signals as before, and thanks to the rapid development of audio and video compression technology, Logitech's software video conference system is no less than hardware video conference system in terms of audio and video performance

in terms of network demand, the traditional hardware video conference system needs to use expensive dedicated lines for audio and video transmission. The price of Unicom dedicated lines is often tens of thousands of yuan, which greatly increases the cost of using video conference system for government users

in contrast, Logitech's software video conference system benefits from the rapid development of Internet speed. As long as there is about 2m ADSL bandwidth, it can meet the general video conference applications. Now the very popular fiber to home users do not need to worry that the insufficient network bandwidth will affect the video conference effect. It is worth mentioning that the price of Unicom 20m fiber to the home is only one or two thousand yuan. In terms of network, the annual cost of Logitech video conference system is only one tenth of that of hardware video conference system

for users, the only thing they need to purchase to use Logitech's video conference system is a high-quality Logitech professional camera with integrated polar function. After that, users can easily form a set of software video conference system with good effect

it can be said that the effect of the current Logitech software video conference system can reach the level of similar hardware video conference system, but whether it is the purchase cost or the use cost, Logitech's software video conference system is much lower than the hardware video conference system, only a few tenths of it. In the current context of government departments' strict economy, Logitech's software video conference system is very suitable for government departments

next, we will introduce Logitech's software cloud video solution tailored for government users based on lync

user pain points

how to effectively use the existing office network of the government, build an efficient network communication platform, realize the rapid implementation of various spirits between institutions, communicate and convey information with the public, and improve the existing office efficiency has become the task focus of the new generation of e-government construction of government departments

user demands

deploy a complete set of conference system, including conference room transformation and external voice access, as follows:

the existing lync environment deployment needs to be optimized; Create a set of professional video conferences for participating in video conferences; Office workers need to join the meeting anytime and anywhere; The system planning needs to consider the later expansion requirements

lync conference system has high-definition audio and video effects and data collaboration capabilities, so that all departments can hold a wide range of all staff meetings, summary meetings, and work discussion meetings; It can realize the deployment of work, supervision and transmission of policies, and the reporting and summary of the work of the office have positive and negative change functions;, Fair competition and exchange meetings to temporarily regulate the instrument market


after fully understanding the needs of users, we have made specific plans for users as follows:

deploy different video equipment for different conference rooms, deploy a set of Logitech cc3000e video conference equipment in small and medium-sized conference rooms, deploy a set of lyncroomsystem in the leadership office, and deploy c930e for individual or group participants to work with laptops. At the same time, Bluetooth headsets or USB external audio devices are configured for outgoing staff to ensure the audio quality of the meeting

program features

high performance camera

Logitech c930 is an innovative desktop commercial high-definition webcam, which has the widest vision and helps users obtain a live collaborative work experience. As the first to support full hd 1080p, Logitech c930 adopts H. 264/SVC coding technology, which conforms to uvc1.5 specification, can realize localization processing and automatically adapt to network broadband, so as to achieve the best audio and video effect

Logitech cc3000e is composed of camera, speaker, microphone, hub and remote control. The lens of cc3000e adopts Carl Zeiss certified lens, which effectively ensures the high quality of image quality. In terms of resolution, cc3000e supports 1080p/30fps display specification and H. 264's scalable video coding (SVC) and uvc1.5 technology reduce the requirements for network bandwidth. Cc3000e adopts a 10x lossless zoom lens and a pan tilt that can rotate horizontally and vertically. The rotation range of the pan tilt reaches 260 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically, and the angle of view reaches 90 degrees. In addition, it has an automatic focusing function, which can lock the picture to any speaker in the conference room

easier to use

cc3000e is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use remote control. Users can control the camera and speaker through the remote control. When not in use, the remote control can be stored on the speaker, which is not only beautiful but also lost. In order to facilitate intelligent users to use cc3000e, the system is also equipped with ngbt246 (1) 997 metal tube flattening test method Fc function. Users can complete Bluetooth connection pairing with a touch of intelligent with NFC function and cc3000e

it is worth mentioning that users can manage meetings through the remote control and operate the camera at the same time. Logitech has customized the management and control software for cc3000e. Users can control the camera without remote control, and can also control the remote camera

rich additional functions

for the convenience of users, users can preset a fixed position, and can quickly switch to the preset position through the preset button

cc3000e configure Bluetooth function. When there is a problem in the network, you can connect through Bluetooth to hold a meeting

2cc3000e and c930e are USB plug and play devices, which can be used anytime, anywhere, without manual installation of drivers

figure note: Full HD business webcam c930e

figure note: Logitech HD conference equipment cc3000e

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