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The 2008 Olympic Games put forward the theme of "high-tech Olympics". The most important thing is the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums. One of the most important issues is how to ensure the scientific construction and reasonable setting of public safety system in the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums for the 2008 Olympic Games, so as to ensure that during the construction and use of stadiums and gymnasiums, the occurrence of dangerous events in stadiums and gymnasiums is minimized, Or minimize the loss of human life, property and information when dangerous events occur

stadiums and gymnasiums use building automation system (BAS). The whole system is based on computer control technology. It integrates electrical equipment monitoring, fire monitoring and security monitoring systems. It uses a master control room to complete the monitoring functions of air conditioning, electrical, water supply and drainage, lighting, elevators, fire protection and security. Through the master control room, it sends control instructions to various monitoring equipment in the venue to control their operation, This can not only save the space and management personnel required by the monitoring equipment, but also improve the management level of equipment inside the venue

II. Composition and principle of monitoring items

1. Electrical monitoring system:

the transformation and distribution systems of stadiums and gymnasiums are basically 10kV and below systems, which are monitored by direct digital controller (DDC). The system using DDC controller is used for voltage, current, switching state of circuit breakers, etc., and is mainly used to protect the measurement system: distribution circuit and electrical equipment from leakage, overcurrent More and more composite materials will replace the hazards of metal materials, such as voltage and short circuit, to prevent the occurrence of electrical fire. The system adopts the distributed control scheme. A microcomputer can monitor multiple data centralized controllers; The field monitor can work independently

intelligent power transformation and distribution system is generally composed of computer, communication network, intelligent switch and control equipment. The switch and control equipment with communication interface in the power transformation and distribution system are connected by the communication network and connected with the computer. The staff can carry out intelligent management and operation on the computer, so as to realize centralized data acquisition and processing, centralized monitoring, and truly achieve the telemetry, remote adjustment, remote control and remote signaling of the power transformation and distribution system

2. Lighting monitoring system:

using computers to control the lighting of stadiums and gymnasiums, it can monitor the working state of the entire lighting system in real time, monitor the state and fault of each circuit and each lamp, and conveniently change and change various lighting scene modes, which is convenient for daily work management, reduce work intensity, and ensure the lighting effect. The intelligent lighting control system adopts a modular structure, which can play a comprehensive protective control and state parameter detection for lamps, which can not be achieved by using conventional control methods. It adopts soft start and soft shut-off technology to limit electric voltage surge and improve the service life of lamps

3. Fire alarm system:

automatic fire detection, control and alarm system. Under the supervision of the general control center, Yu Kai, Secretary of the Party committee of China Automotive Technology Research Center, pointed out in his speech that the fire alarm and fault conditions in all areas will become the command and control center in case of emergency, so as to ensure the fastest and most effective response to the fire. According to the functional requirements of the general control center, a GCC Chinese graphic command center is set in the general control center. When an alarm or fault occurs, the corresponding position is displayed on the Chinese GCC screen through predetermined programming, which can immediately respond to the fault or alarm. At the same time, through the analysis of the historical records of alarms and fault events, a maintenance plan can be formulated to reduce the possibility of major accidents. In addition, the main control center is also equipped with analog display screen, which can quickly and intuitively display the alarm situation of each partition

the system has the function of automatic inspection. When a fault or fire alarm occurs, an audible and visual alarm signal is sent to the general control center through the network, and the Chinese GCC system of the general control center jumps out of the specific fire plan, so that the personnel on duty can quickly identify the location and cause of the fire alarm or fault. Its main function is to receive and execute the commands of the network host, directly monitor and control the auxiliary peripherals, carry out system self-test and report system alarm and fault information to the network; In case of network communication interruption, it will automatically switch to the local working state and implement independent monitoring and control functions

the end equipment is placed in the module box or the fire site, mainly including: smoke detector, temperature detector, manual alarm, detection module, signal module, control module, feedback module, alarm bell, emergency, broadcast, water flow indicator and Jack, etc

III. system block diagram:

IV. system configuration:

1. Host configuration in the monitoring room:

chassis: e to improve its thermal conductivity ws-844v/7271at/6110p4 (integrated workstation)

mainboard: fsc-1713vna

cpu:p4 2.4

hard disk: 160g

2. On site monitoring host:

chassis: ipc-810a/7271at/6113lp4

motherboard: fsc-1613vn

cpu:p3 1.0

hard disk: 80g

v Summary:

with the rapid development of computer technology, modern control technology and communication network technology, intelligent buildings have emerged in the construction field. Using automatic monitoring system to monitor the electrical equipment, lighting equipment and fire protection equipment of stadiums and Gymnasiums in real time is an indispensable infrastructure to ensure the smooth progress of the Olympic Games

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