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Logistics UAV South Sichuan operation base Hualuo Zigong

logistics UAV South Sichuan operation base Hualuo Zigong

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original title: logistics UAV South Sichuan operation base Hualuo Zigong

our news (Liu Jia) recently learned from the provincial E-Commerce Association that the 2019 Zigong Aviation Industrial Park Investment Promotion Conference and project centralized signing ceremony were held in Chengdu. Zigong has signed nine projects, including Shunfeng large logistics UAV operation base in southern Sichuan and tengchuan large UAV production base, with a total investment of 6.55 billion yuan. The projects involve UAV logistics, UAV and aviation parts R & D and manufacturing, intelligent aircraft and electronic information system R & D and manufacturing. After the nine projects are completed, the annual output value will be about 15billion yuan and nearly 4000 jobs will be provided

among them, the South Sichuan operation base project of SF large logistics UAV with a total investment of 1.65 billion yuan has attracted much attention. The project is located in Zigong Aviation Industrial Park, covering an area of about 75 mu. Relying on Zigong Fengming general material performance airport, the Shunfeng large-scale UAV operation demonstration base will be built. Within five years, Zigong West Sichuan, Zigong Yunnan, Zigong Chongqing, Zigong Guizhou and other UAV routes will be opened successively, and the southern Sichuan logistics distribution center will be built. At the same time, SF group and Zigong will jointly launch a 1billion yuan smart aviation industry fund to invest in local projects in Zigong or guide projects to settle in Zigong

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