The hottest lokn oil glory continued, lokn scored

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[lokn oil] glory continues! Lokn won the honor of


on November 26, 2018, the award ceremony of "lubtop2018 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricant industry" was grandly held in Oriental Pearl TV Tower Shanghai! Lubricating oil people from Wuhu, together with researchers from Bombardier, an aerospace company, gathered at the Institute of advanced technology at the University of Surrey, UK, and the advanced compound Center for innovation and science at the University of Bristol. It took six months for the lubtop2018 general evaluation list, which is responsible for delivering the brand spirit and establishing industry benchmarks, to be grandly unveiled. In this evaluation system, which focuses on the four dimensions of technological innovation, market performance, user satisfaction, and industry influence, lokn lubricants finally stood out through a comprehensive consideration of the comprehensive strength of various rigorous and prudent processes, such as network voting, professional market research, expert mentor evaluation, and mainstream media voting, It successfully won the top award of "the most popular diesel engine oil of the year", showing its extraordinary brand strength

set sail and start again

create a new era and start again today. Lokn wins in pattern, action, quality and people's hearts. And what can a stone do with a high sense of social history, innovation to improve quality and efficiency, and quality to promote consumption? It was upgraded in Guangzhou shitouzao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., leading the development of the industry with brand, highlighting the brand charm of the industry benchmark, and singing the "strongest voice" of China's lubricant brand

moving forward, never-ending. The support and affirmation of lokn from the general review list and all sectors of society is our greatest encouragement. The exciting potential of super material graphene will never fade as we work hard for our dream! Our pace of pursuing dreams will never stop! Let's pay tribute to Chinese lubricants again

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