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release date: Source: Securities Times

the hype of the stall economy concept is in full swing, even though on Wednesday evening, Maoye commerce, Yindu shares, Nanning Department store, small commodity city and other hot concept stocks that have been trading continuously recently collectively issued a risk warning announcement, saying that the company has no related projects or the income related to the stall economy accounts for a small proportion of the whole revenue, It will not have a substantial or significant impact on the company's future operating revenue and profit growth

however, this did not dampen the hype enthusiasm of investors, but the concept of stall economy showed signs of diffusion, from the initial stalls and wholesale channels of goods to cars, motorcycle vehicles, and then to beer and beverages

stall economy has become a hot word

the sharp rise of concept stocks has led to a rapid increase in questions about stall economy on Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive easy. According to statistics, as of Wednesday's close, there were only more than 20 relevant questions before, but by Thursday's close, investors' questions about the stall economy had soared to more than 300, more than 10 times in 24 hours. Some of the company's products are regarded as experiments. Whether there is an extension meter can indeed be applied to the stall economy, the company also gave a positive response

Zhejiang Yongqiang said after hours on Wednesday that in terms of stall management, we can consider choosing the company's straight umbrella/umbrella dropping, folding shed/sunshade and other products, including metal tables and chairs, which are suitable for outdoor places. On Thursday, Zhejiang Yongqiang opened high and walked high by the second limit

Walsh shares is not willing to lag behind. On Thursday, it said that the company's outdoor furniture products such as sunshades, awnings, folding umbrellas, product display cabinets, display hooks, outdoor tables and chairs can be applied to the stall business. With the development of the stall economy, the sales volume of relevant products of the company is expected to accompany us all the time and grow every day

Wuling Automobile, a Hong Kong stock company, launched a wing start truck suitable for the stall economy. Its share price soared 63.93% on Thursday after soaring 53.27% on Wednesday. On the second day, it rose more than 151% in high precision. Affected by this, there is no need to reach a high degree of accuracy on the interactive platform, as long as the companies that produce minivans and spare parts have been asked almost all over

Guoen was once a star stock in the hype of the mask concept. The company said on Thursday that the van type transport vehicle produced by Guoen special vehicle has a flat and square internal space, which is convenient for placing goods and has a high space utilization rate. The electric push rod with damping spring and high-quality lock box can flexibly turn up the side plate, display goods, and quickly drain rainwater to control the risk of damage to goods. Guoen special vehicle can be customized and adjusted according to the needs of customers to meet the demands of different stall economic participants

Qianjiang Motorcycle also said that the company's motorcycles can be used to set up stalls in the market with goods. "If you use our large displacement motorcycles to set up stalls, you must be the prettiest boy in the stalling industry!"

in terms of food, delis said that most of the meat products and quick-frozen conditioning products produced by the company are easy to eat, easy to cook, nutritious, healthy and safe, and suitable for the current stall economy. Haixin food also said that some of the company's products can be used in spicy hot, Kanto cooked, Chuanchuan, barbecue and other special snacks, suitable for the economic consumption scene of the stall. Xiangjia said that some products, especially conditioning products, can be suitable for floor stand barbecue

strong rub hot spot

the products of the above companies are still related to the stall economy, and the problem is normal. Some investors' problems are hot spots

piano is usually used in concert halls, star hotels and other places. It is difficult to imagine its connection with the stall economy. However, some investors still asked how Helen piano understood the stall economy? Whether to consider using this model to promote the sales of related products

the state has strict management on drug sales. The coenzyme of Shuanglu pharmaceutical is limited and the sales channel is blocked. Some investors suggested that the stall economy pointed out a new sales model for coenzyme. Through the stall, more people can realize this good medicine. Please come up with the implementation plan as soon as possible

some investors of Yong'an pharmaceutical also asked whether the company is also testing the economy of land sharing? Let taurine effervescent tablets not only enter thousands of households, but also solve some livelihood problems

Xiangshan Co., Ltd. was asked whether the capacity of your company's commercial electronic scales can meet the market demand with the continuous boom of the stall economy

investors also asked Shaoneng whether its subsidiary Guangdong Oasis Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. produces paper tableware, paper plates and paper bowls? How many paper tableware production lines does the company have and how many tons of annual output last year? In addition, the state recently called for the development of stall economy. Does the company have any plans to raise the price of paper tableware? Shaoneng said that in 2019, the company's annual production capacity of ecological paper tableware was 40000 tons, which was mainly exported abroad and was currently expanding the domestic market. Up to now, the company has no price increase plan for paper tableware

some investors told Dongfang fortune that the business of stall has been booming recently. It is suggested that the company can also set up an on-site account to seize the historical opportunity of stall economy

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