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There are many "irregular" interior wall coatings

there are many "irregular" interior wall coatings

October 31, 2008

[China paint information] on October 1, 2008, the new national standard for interior wall coatings began to be implemented. The standard imposes stricter restrictions on the content of harmful substances in water-soluble interior wall coatings. However, in the past month, a large number of "over standard" coatings are still sold in the provincial capital market

this morning, in a paint store on Binhe West Road, the provincial capital, the salesperson recommended a brand of water-based wall paint to customers, and repeatedly guaranteed that this paint was safe and environmentally friendly. However, the VOC (volatile organic compounds) content of this paint is marked as 125 g/L, which is higher than the requirement of 120 g/L in the new regulations. In this regard, the salesperson said he had not heard of the new regulations, but repeatedly stressed that "absolutely no problem."

in a paint shop in Xinghua street, the provincial capital, the salesperson with the same slogan of environmental protection, not only knew nothing about the new regulations, but even couldn't come up with the relevant quality inspection report of the paint, "there's no report here, it's all with the boss."

later, I visited more than ten paint shops in Jinci Road, Changzhi Road and other places in the provincial capital, and found that except for individual brand paint manufacturers, most brand paints have not yet implemented the new standards

according to the staff of Taiyuan Bureau of quality supervision, in order to protect consumers and improve brand value and health, the "national mandatory standard for the limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials" has been officially implemented since October 1, which stipulates that the VOC content of water-based wall coatings shall not be higher than 120 g/L when the data information obtained from the analysis is entered into the platform transaction management system, The VOC content of aqueous paint shall not be higher than 48 g/L

consumers generally welcome the implementation of the new standard. "These organics are harmful to human body. Of course, the less, the better." Mr. Wu said that the stricter the standards are, the more the health of consumers can be guaranteed for 10 years and 8 years without any problems

however, many people are confused about how to choose. "They all say that their coatings are natural and environmentally friendly, and they don't know if it's true." Ms. Wang, a provincial consumer preparing to decorate, said. "It depends on smelling whether the paint has a pungent taste to judge whether it is environmentally friendly." A woman who bought paint in a paint shop on Jinci road also said that she did not know how to check whether the product met the standard

in this regard, the quality supervision department said that according to the new regulations, products that meet the standards should have a logo with a fixed position beginning with "q/" on the package, and consumers can buy according to the logo

in addition, when purchasing interior wall paint, try to choose products produced by well-known enterprises, and pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the products. The effective storage period of interior wall emulsion paint is generally 1 year

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