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Heavyweight | interfoam foaming materials exhibition settled in Shenzhen, Double exhibition linkage empowers the Asian foaming material market


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empowers the Asian foaming material market

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Shenzhen in South China, It is one of the areas with the most concentrated distribution in the whole industrial chain of foaming materials in China. Whether it is upstream raw materials, equipment enterprises, or material production and processing enterprises, they have a very ideal base and quality, which improves the work efficiency

market demand


Shenzhen, as the core of the world's super city cluster in the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, is one of the cities with the largest economic aggregate, increment and fastest growth, and is also one of the most important external windows of the "the Belt and Road"

here, electronic information, advanced equipment, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, medical health and other emerging industries are highly intensive, and these industries are also the most widely used fields of foaming materials. In addition, foaming material is a new force in the new material industry. Its material characteristics comply with the basic principle of "reducing use" of circular economy. At the same time, it has the performance advantages of shock absorption, noise reduction, thermal insulation, lightweight and so on. From the perspective of high-quality demand and sustainable development, it will help the high-quality economic growth of Dawan district

Shenzhen exhibition positioning

interfoam South China

or sample processing is too short

interfoam South China Shenzhen exhibition is based on the "Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay Area" and cooperates with Shanghai exhibition to serve the vertical application market of foaming materials in the Great Bay area and the "the Belt and Road" countries. Interfoam Shenzhen exhibition will mainly display foaming technology, materials and material processing solutions

interfoam southchina2022

November 2022

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

positioning of Shanghai Exhibition

interfoam China

interfoam China Shanghai exhibition is an international professional exhibition of the whole foaming material industry chain, and it is an international event that global foaming material professionals cannot miss. Interfoam Shanghai exhibition will focus on the latest production technology and equipment of foaming materials, as well as new technologies, new trends, new applications of foaming materials, Strive to create a professional platform integrating technology, exchange and brand display for the upstream and downstream of the foaming material industry and the vertical application industry, enabling the sustainable development of the industry

development of SEBS foaming materials interfoamchina 2022

July 2022

Shanghai New International Expo Center

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April 2021 on June,

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interfoam foaming materials exhibition highlights, processes and characteristic activities will be announced one after another. Please look forward to ~ Shandong Star is a modern high-tech company focusing on research and development, design, production and sales of experimental equipment

April 2021, for the Shanghai multinational procurement Exhibition Center, we will see each other.Hey

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