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The International Academic Conference on "smart electricity and energy efficiency" was held in Nanjing

on July, 2011, the international academic conference with the theme of smart electricity and energy efficiency was held in Nanjing, CO sponsored by the National Academy of Electric Power Research (sgepri) and the international electric power Research Exchange Association (iere). Mark duzinski, chairman of iere, Richard Schomberg, chairman of the intelligent strategy group of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), wuyusheng, chief information officer of the State Power Corporation of China, Wang Yimin, director of the intelligent power department, Xiao Shijie, President of the national electric power academy, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Hu Yi and Yan Huafeng, vice presidents of the national electric power academy, participated in relevant activities. Know 1 from 11 countries and regions including the United States, France and Germany. Is the cylinder of the experimental machine top mounted or bottom mounted? More than 70 representatives from companies, power equipment manufacturers, relevant units in China's power industry and university scholars attended the meeting. The convening of this International Symposium is of positive significance for relevant units in China's power industry to share technology, experience and achievements with their counterparts in the world, promote the development of China's power industry, and jointly respond to global climate change

iere chairman mark duzinski made a speech, pointing out that as an important platform for dialogue and exchange between power research institutions and enterprises in various countries, iere has played an important role in sharing power scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, providing guarantee for improving power supply stability and reducing power costs. Richard Schomberg, chairman of the intelligent strategy group of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), introduced the organizational structure of IEC, expounded the importance of internationalization of power standards, and showed the achievements of IEC in the formulation of intelligent power standards

Wu Yusheng, chief information officer of State Grid Corporation of China, introduced the smart power development strategy of State Grid Corporation of China and affirmed the contribution of iere to sharing the world's advanced power technology and research and development strategy. Wu Yusheng said that the State Grid Corporation of China strongly supports scientific research institutions directly under it to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international organizations, enterprises, universities and other sectors, actively participate in the formulation of international standards, guide and support the technological development and equipment upgrading of energy and related industries, jointly overcome the problems of world energy and power development, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the world economy, energy and environment. Wang Yimin, director of smart electricity Department of State Grid Corporation of China, analyzed the smart electricity development strategy of State Grid Corporation of China from the challenges faced by China, such as energy resources, ecological environment and climate change, systematically introduced the content of smart electricity planning, and the strategic goal of basically building a strong smart electricity by 2020

in his speech, Xiao Shijie, President of the national electric power academy, introduced the major breakthrough achievements made by the national electric power academy in recent years in following the world energy and power development trend and fully carrying out theoretical research, core technology research, key equipment development and industrial chemical work in the fields of UHV, smart electricity, new energy, electric vehicles, etc. at the same time, he reviewed the in-depth implementation of the internationalization strategy by the national electric power academy and its active participation in international technology exchanges, Especially the course of cooperation with iere

the two-day conference is divided into two sub themes: smart facilities and power systems, smart power consumption and smart communities, including renewable energy access, smart power transmission and distribution: operation and control, smart home and smart community, and smart information and communication technology. Before starting the experiment, please consider the usability forum of self identification, and mainly discuss the evolution and reform of low-carbon power systems and facilities How the technology of intelligent power consumption and intelligent community can make the traditional power consumption and intelligent community to a new level

Dr. yaoliangzhong of the national electric power academy presided over the sub Forum on renewable energy access. He and his colleague Dr. Zhu Lingzhi successively published an academic report entitled the current situation and prospects of wind farm technology in China and the research and testing of photovoltaic power plants, showing the latest research progress and achievements of the national electric power academy in the field of clean energy. In the subsequent sub forum, the academy also made relevant academic reports on the key technologies and applications of large-scale cluster wind power intelligent control, the VFTO experimental research in UHV gis/hgis, the research and practice of electric vehicle charging facilities, and the cloud computing application architecture in the intelligent power environment. ALSTOM, Ge, Schneider, Fuji Electric, Hitachi, Southeast University, North China Electric Power University and other representatives also participated in the photovoltaic power generation in the transmission and distribution link, which can be compared with a 1600t shuttle two-position press in bentler Sigri's R & D center in ried im innkreis, such as American electric power, wind power generation, intelligent power consumption in homes and communities, energy efficiency management, electric vehicles, smart meters More than ten wonderful reports and speeches were made on the application of intelligent electrical equipment and other new electrical appliances, and extensive and in-depth exchanges were carried out

International Electricity Research Exchange Association (iere) is a non-profit international organization, founded in 1968 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its main function is to build a communication bridge for the development of electricity in developed and developing countries, and is committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation between power companies, equipment suppliers, academic research institutions and government agencies. At present, iere has 25 senior members, 46 ordinary members, one academic member and one individual member, and regularly holds theme forums, plenary meetings, symposiums, technical problems and solutions (TIS) and other activities. On April 16th, 2009, the Chinese Academy of electrical sciences joined the iere as a high-level meeting for both domestic and foreign marketers of Chinalco, and participated in many activities. The holding of this forum marks a new level of cooperation between the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences and the iere

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