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Internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry will receive policy support

on October 9, a symposium on the development of internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry, CO sponsored by the China internal combustion engine industry association and the national defense science and Technology Key Laboratory of Equipment Remanufacturing Technology, was held in Beijing. Wang Xiaoyang, deputy director of the comprehensive Department of the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Yan Yiping, deputy director of the expert committee of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, respectively introduced the experience of the pilot work of auto parts remanufacture and interpreted the national remanufacture industrial policy

according to Yan Yiping's introduction, since the country launched the pilot work of remanufacturing in 14 auto and parts enterprises in March 2008, the remanufacturing of auto parts has achieved results in many aspects, such as relevant standards, technologies and processes, the formulation of relevant policies, promotion and publicity. Relevant departments have successively formulated 11 types of mandatory and recommended remanufacturing processes and remanufactured product standards. The pilot enterprises basically understand and master the remanufacturing technology and processes to varying degrees, such as Remanufacturing Design and evaluation technology, remanufacturing disassembly and assembly technology, and assume that the measured signal amplitude is about 8V, At this time, the high-voltage differential probe can be replaced by the low-voltage differential probe, or the standard 10x voltage probe (if the measurement reference point is the ground or the oscilloscope is floating) technology, remanufacture cleaning technology and process, surface remanufacture processing technology and process, remanufacture detection technology, intelligent remanufacture technology, etc., automobile parts remanufacture enterprise qualification management and development research, product market research, 12th Five year development plan research The research on a number of topics such as the acceptance criteria and procedures of the pilot has also been carried out one after another. According to incomplete statistics, as of 2010, pilot enterprises of auto parts remanufacture have formed a production capacity of 120000 remanufactured engines, 30000 remanufactured transmissions and 400000 remanufactured generators and starters

according to the information from the China internal combustion engine industry association, compared with the manufacturing of new products, the quality and performance of remanufactured products are not lower than the prototype products, but they can save 50% of the cost, 60% of the energy and 70% of the materials, and almost no solid waste is produced. The emission of air pollutants can be reduced by more than 80%. It is an advanced form of making full use of resources, protecting the ecological environment and recycling economy

Wang Xiaoyang elaborated on Remanufacturing with five elements: need to do, some do, can do, worth doing and must do. 2. There is no indenter deformation problem; Understanding of industry and development. He believes that the first is that the sustainable growth mode of circular economy determines the need for remanufacture; Second, the market ownership of internal combustion engine industrial products has reached a considerable extent. Coupled with the relatively successful remanufacturing enterprise models such as Weichai and Fuqiang, the elements of remanufacturing have formed; Third, China's remanufacturing technology, process, equipment, etc. have already had this foundation and completed the elements that remanufacturing can do; Fourth, remanufacturing should not only consider the current economic value, but also see its social value and market potential, indicating that remanufacturing can be done; Fifthly, remanufacturing requires the relevant government departments to guide it from the front and provide policy support, including the formulation of production access system and relevant standards, which ultimately determines that remanufacturing must be done

it is noted from Wang Xiaoyang's speech that due to the current strict control measures for imported secondary electrical equipment products in China, according to the existing policies and regulations, foreign remanufactured products are still defined as secondary electrical products, and the different steps of existing policies and regulations and industrial development have affected the development of remanufacturing industry. But at the same time, it should also be noted that the relevant departments have noticed and discussed this issue accordingly, and we can look forward to the adjustment expectation of import and export policies with a positive vision

Yan Yiping also noted from his speech that because many remanufactured original parts belong to the category of waste products, at present, almost all the recycling of remanufactured cores cannot be deducted by issuing value-added tax invoices, which affects the economic benefits of remanufacturing enterprises. At the same time, efforts are also being made to promote the development of pilot acceptance documents and the development of remanufactured product catalogs. At present, the second batch of remanufacturing pilot work required by the state is also carried out accordingly. The scope of remanufactured products will be expanded, the number of remanufactured pilot enterprises will be increased, the sales channels of remanufactured core recycling and remanufactured products will be explored and improved, the pilot construction of relevant networks will be carried out, and the production and industrialized application of specialized domestic equipment related to remanufacturing will be strengthened

according to Wang Xiaoyang, in some relevant international conferences he recently attended and business negotiations with relevant foreign departments, some major European and American mature technology countries have put the promotion of remanufacture and the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles on the same important position. He said that the Ministry of industry and information technology actively supports the remanufacturing industry of domestic automobile and parts enterprises, and will actively carry out relevant work from the aspects of industrial development strategy, industrial planning, industrial policies, technical regulations, industrial standards, etc., so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry

for the development of remanufacturing industry in the internal combustion engine industry, Wang Xiaoyang believes that its achievements in recent years are obvious to all. He stressed that the whole internal combustion engine industry has reached a consensus, that is, it is necessary to increase efficiency, push through the old and bring forth the new, constantly develop new technologies and products, and expand market share; We should also benefit from the stock, fully tap the comparative advantage of product market ownership, innovate business models, enhance the ability to control the stock market, vigorously carry out the remanufacture and reuse of waste internal combustion engines, and improve service water. However, manufacturers will consider reducing the size of wheels in the future

this research result was recently published in the core journal of the green chemistry field of the American Chemical Society, sustainable chemistry and engineering of the American Chemical Society. Wang Xiaoyang revealed that the Ministry of industry and information technology has entrusted the China internal combustion engine industry association to carry out the research on the subject of the implementation plan for internal combustion engine remanufacture, and will discuss with the China internal combustion engine Association, hoping to make a breakthrough in policy by means of tax relief, whether from the user side or the production side, So that enterprises that carry out remanufacture and do things beneficial to the country and the people can get tangible benefits

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