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Interconnection is the key to the development of smart electricity

at present, the fluctuation of new energy in electricity needs to be solved urgently. How to seamlessly link traditional energy and new energy power? How to increase the interconnection of electricity between regions? On the eve of the 2017 global energy interconnection Summit Forum, this newspaper interviewed Mike, chairman of the energy working group of the British Prime Minister's Council for science and technology and academician of the Royal Academy of engineering ˙ Sterling, please ask him to answer the above question

smart electricity is an important trend in the development of electricity in various countries. At present, the power generation capacity of new energy in various countries is constantly increasing, and we need to face the fluctuation of new energy in electricity more and more. So at this stage, how to seamlessly link traditional energy and new energy sources

first of all, on the power generation side, we need to increase the power generation, so as to increase the basic power supply

secondly, on the user side, we should strengthen the control of the user end, which is a very complex process, and it is also the important significance of smart electricity. How to combine the advantages of increasing renewable energy with the control of users is very important for this utilization, and find a balance point, which is where the future opportunities lie

finally, the former is expensive on the transmission side. In order to better accept new energy, electricity in a wider region needs to be interconnected. For example, wind energy needs wind energy from different regions to connect to electricity, so as to improve stability. For China, this can already be achieved, because the area where China can generate wind energy is relatively vast. There may be some problems for Europe, because each country is relatively small, so it must be interconnected with its neighbors

the solar and wind energy resources in each region are different, and we need to connect the electricity in different regions. In addition, increasing interconnection is also a challenge to technology, such as trans regional UHV transmission technology

at present, about 10% of the electricity demand in European countries depends on the electricity interconnection between regions, and this proportion will reach 20% in the future

at present, the installed capacity of new energy in China has been large, but there are also problems such as "abandoning wind", "abandoning light", "abandoning water" and so on. In this regard, I believe that if there is no effective management at the power generation end, more work needs to be done at the user end, that is, how to reduce the intensity of users' power consumption during the peak period

smart meter is one of the important technologies, which can enable users to reduce power consumption during peak periods. The smart meter we are talking about now is not completely intelligent. Most of the time, the meter just tells users how much electricity they use and how much they spend. Smart research on how to apply the breakthrough achievements in the field of graphene mainly to rubber, plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials to consumer electronic products and mobile communication equipment. The greater role of energy meters is that through smart switches, more families can understand that they can minimize power consumption during peak periods, such as staggering the peak periods of power consumption during charging

in modern intelligent electrical systems, energy storage also plays an important role. Large scale centralized and distributed energy storage should be combined

for the development route of energy storage technology in the future, the easiest way is to develop batteries with larger capacity. In this way, the efficiency in energy release will be higher. Governments all over the world are paying attention to this field and constantly developing battery technology with larger capacity

in order to continuously improve battery technology, governments have also invested a lot of money. For example, Britain has invested hundreds of millions in this area, and the United States, China and other countries have also invested a lot of money in research and development. In terms of battery application, most countries believe that electric vehicles are the direction of future development. I think electric vehicles should be powered by large electricity. Separate hydrogen fuel cell power supply is a very good concept, but it is not easy to achieve in the short term

China and the UK have always maintained close energy cooperation. Now, the UK is facing great challenges in power operation. It needs to seek help from international partners and realize the application of smart electricity in China as soon as possible. In this regard, the UK lacks some technology and experience. It is a must to find partners with experience and technology like China

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