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Beijing: interior decoration paint on fire four workers were burned

Beijing: interior decoration paint on fire four workers were burned

April 15, 2008 reading is more beautiful than spraying PE and heat-resistant inorganic particles or PP to prepare battery diaphragm coating: Source: Beijing Youth Daily | contribution

[China paint information] on April 12, the main BDO manufacturers are BASF, Dalian Chemical, Liande ISP and Xinjiang Meike at about 4 p.m., in a construction site near changhongqiao, the room under indoor decoration suddenly caught fire similar to household appliances, and four people were burned, two of them with degree 3 burns, and were sent to the armed police Beijing Corps Hospital for treatment

at about 5 p.m. yesterday, in the ward of the second Department of surgery of the armed police Beijing Corps Hospital, a man surnamed Liu was waiting for surgery in the dressing changing room. His head and hands were severely burned, a large area of skin fell off, and more than half of his clothes were burned. The man said that when they were painting the paint in the room of the construction site, the paint suddenly caught fire. Because the man was close to the paint, he instantly burned his whole body. The doctor said that among the four burn patients sent together, two were severe third degree burns and the other two were mild

a man in the ward had less burn area, and his hands and left face were burned. He was from Zhoukou, Henan Province. He was a carpenter on the construction site. At that time, he was far away from the people who painted the paint. When the fire suddenly burned, he felt pain on his face. He hurried to lie on the ground. After the fire passed, he found that the skin on the hands and faces of the other three workmates had fallen off. The workmates accompanying the injured to the hospital said that it was estimated that other decorators cut with electric saws at that time, and the sparks ignited flammable objects such as paint. As of about 8 o'clock last night, the operations of the four injured were still in progress

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