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Interface won the gold medal of the 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

on September 1, 2009, the 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was grandly opened in Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "high and new technology and equipment manufacturing", the Expo has 2802 booths and 598 exhibitors. The exhibition includes CNC machine tools and their functional components, industrial automation and instrumentation, power transmission and control technology, general and special equipment, and construction machinery

based on the long-term and sustainable development of the future of interface business, the interface product line landed at the Expo for the first time. Taking "comprehensive electronic interface solutions" as the consistent theme, the 36m2 special booth, 9 latest display boards with demonstration function, including quintsfb power supply, psrtrisafe programmable safety module and co experimental data storage. Ntactron electronic contactors and other innovative products can be realized through buttons, comprehensively displaying the world's most advanced electronic interface products and technologies. In five days, more than 1000 people were attracted to visit our booth after Zui to see whether the adjustment of the lifting guide wheel was incorrect. The on-site audience expressed great interest

we can absolutely meet all the technical indicators of the experimental machine

as an important part of the Manufacturing Expo, the organizing committee hired authoritative experts in the industry as judges, and awarded 8 bronze awards, 6 silver awards and 3 gold awards. Phoenix Contact stood out from many peers with its innovative "quintsfb series power supply and programmable safety module psrtrisafe" and won the Gold Award. Gu Chunming, member of the Standing Committee of Shenyang municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, personally presented the gold medal. Phoenix contact is the only industrial automation company to win the gold medal. Many mass media and professional media reported on this industry event. The other two gold medal winners are the S32 self-propelled aerial work vehicle from Shenyang North Communications heavy industry group in the category of construction machinery and the dmupduoblock five axis machining center from 2dmg (China) Company in the category of machine tools

its strategy is to strengthen the market awareness of Internet products through continuous multi platform, multi-media and multi product combination publicity, and publicize Internet innovative technologies and products, so as to lay the foundation for the sustainable development of Internet business

on September 23, I look forward to seeing you at the 10th China international Electromechanical Products Expo in Wuhan

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