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In 2013, the shipment volume of Polish printing equipment market decreased by about 1% year-on-year.

the international number this year, its market share has been gradually replaced by reactive composite polyurethane adhesive. According to the company (IDC) report, the shipment volume of Polish printing equipment market in 2013 was about 1.1 million units, a year-on-year decrease of about 1%

according to the analysis of the report, the reason for the decrease in shipment is the decline in market demand and consumers' higher requirements for the functions of printing devices. In addition, the Polish printer equipment market demand is shifting to more expensive equipment

in terms of suppliers, HP took the lead in 2013, taking 47% of the market share; Brother ranked second with a share of 15.3%; Canon ranked third with a 14.5% market share

as the EU subsidy in has been allocated, the export capacity and domestic consumption capacity will be stimulated. IDC predicts that Poland's economic development will accelerate in the next few years

przeme, a senior analyst at IDC Poland, can carry a hand-held measurement with him. Kkowalski said that in 2013, the sales of printer equipment in all market segments in Poland decreased year-on-year. And this disadvantage is filled by the situation of growth: the shipment of expensive commercial printing equipment. Therefore, the market value has increased. IDC predicts that there will be further growth in 2014, especially in the print device segment with intelligent printing and cloud printing functions

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