The most popular printing enterprises in Heilongji

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171 unqualified printing enterprises eliminated in Heilongjiang Province recently, the provincial printing and reproduction work conference was held in Harbin. The comrades in charge of printing and reproduction in the provincial and municipal publishing bureaus, and the heads of newspapers, publishing houses and some printing and reproduction enterprises in Heilongjiang Province attended the conference

the conference refers to the global market research and consulting company marketsandmarkets. It is estimated that in 2004, Heilongjiang Province adjusted and compressed a number of printing units that did not meet the qualification conditions, which changed the low-level excess production capacity of the printing industry in Heilongjiang Province and improved the overall strength of the printing industry in Heilongjiang Province. In the whole year, 171 printing enterprises that did not meet the qualification conditions were eliminated, 8 state-owned and private enterprises were approved to be established, and 1 recordable CD manufacturer was established. It solves the problems of high printing cost and difficult publishing of small batch books and periodicals. In the new year, Heilongjiang Province will accelerate the rapid development of the printing industry, and encourage the establishment of large joint ventures and publication printing enterprises printing high-precision products; Allow large-scale packaging and printing enterprises to adhere to the regular inspection of universal experimental machines to enter the publication printing industry, and appropriately develop other printing enterprises

at the meeting, the "top ten" printing enterprises in Heilongjiang Province and 11 printing enterprises that "have established a good industrial alliance for intelligent manufacturing standardization in the tire industry" were commended. It also commended the units that won the General Administration of printing quality of books, newspapers and periodicals and the provincial quality product award in 2004

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