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Printing enterprises seek new business opportunities and seek changes in post press equipment

[China Packaging News] in the face of increasing human costs, the fierce competition in the market environment and the rapid development of network media, the traditional printing industry at home and abroad is suffering from bursts of pain. Under the challenges of this environment, more and more printing enterprises begin to seek new business opportunities and changes based on the reality

the key is to improve efficiency and save costs. How to make efforts after printing

as we all know, printing materials still need a lot of cumbersome processes to enter the post press stage. The large-scale implementation of cutting, page matching and loading technology may bring hope to the remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil. The reality is that many small and medium-sized printing enterprises in China are still carrying out back-end processing through a large number of manual work, which virtually adds additional costs to the enterprises themselves. Therefore, improving the production efficiency of the post press link bears the brunt, and the post press development needs the joint efforts of the whole industry

printing enterprises -- identify weaknesses and make up quickly: printing enterprises first need to find the most costly link according to the actual production capacity of the post press link, and then make targeted improvements. In terms of shell pasting, manual processing is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also the continuous increase in employee wages will become a new burden for the enterprise. At this time, the enterprise can choose to introduce a high-speed shell pasting machine to break the bottleneck and improve the production efficiency of the whole printing process from point to surface

equipment manufacturers - strengthen cooperation and enhance connection: using connecting equipment for production can also significantly shorten the post press work cycle, but it also requires effective cooperation among major equipment manufacturers to enhance the connection between equipment and provide convenience for connecting equipment

joint assistance of the industry - talent training: with efficient and intelligent post press equipment, we should pay more attention to the cultivation of skilled talents. As long as there are stable printing skilled talents as the basic guarantee, the equipment can better display its extraordinary and outstanding performance, thus bringing higher efficiency and value to the enterprise

great knowledge in the purchase of post press equipment

faced with the total post press equipment at home and abroad, it is often difficult for printing enterprises to make decisions in the selection. For the purchase of post press equipment, post press experts gave sincere suggestions:

forward looking: the current domestic and foreign printing environment is full of variables. Printing enterprises must be forward-looking when purchasing equipment. Considering the current from the perspective of future investment, they should not only ensure that the newly purchased equipment can become a sharp tool to improve the competitiveness of enterprises at present, but also make a long-term measurement based on the standard of maximizing investment value

full function: in the selection of post press equipment, functionality, production speed and connectivity are important factors that need careful reference. Functionality is the adaptability of the equipment. It should not only meet the production needs of offset printing equipment, but also meet the new needs of digital post printing links. The production speed means that the high-performance plastics can not only reduce the production efficiency of the vehicle weight, but also save the high labor cost for the enterprise. Only the high-efficiency equipment can help the enterprise win the first opportunity in the highly competitive market. Connectivity is the expandability of the equipment. Whether the post press equipment can be connected with it and use it as the starting state of the experiment, it is very important at present and in the future

cost performance: wanghuaizhu, a leading post press expert in China, summed up in one sentence: the same quality depends on the price, and the same price depends on the quality. Printing enterprises must choose and buy according to their actual needs and use their funds on the cutting edge

the balanced development of post press needs and printing digitalization

the transformation to digitalization has become one of the new directions for the transformation of many domestic printing enterprises. There are mainly two types of domestic enterprises that are successful in digitalization. One is a fast printing shop that provides urbanized fast printing services as its main business; The other is a printing enterprise that provides garment tag printing services. The common feature of the two successful models is that the implementation process does not emphasize the processing service ability of digital printing, but focuses on the improvement of the marketing and service ability of enterprises

it can be seen that when printing enterprises take the steps of digitalization, they must configure the workflow connected with the front end and the back-end digital post printing connection equipment. At the same time, they need to focus on the new marketing scheme and service capability centered on the digital printing technology. Over time, they will surely usher in a source of business opportunities

in a word, the promotion of printing value is, in the final analysis, to help printing enterprises greatly improve their production efficiency and benefits through certain means. Mr. yinqingzhang, general manager of Taiwan bright digital technology Co., Ltd., who has been active in this field for many years, agrees with this. He suggests that printing enterprises should consider the original traditional business model before carrying out digitalization, and think twice about what equipment to introduce, what products to process, and what post press equipment to configure

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