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Printing enterprises should re register from the 21st to February next year, the city will rectify the printing market.

it was learned from the Guangzhou Publishing Bureau and the radio and Television Bureau that from now to February next year, the city will focus on rectifying and standardizing the order of the printing market. All printing enterprises in Guangzhou need to register again from today. In fact, it does not conform to the definition of constant force value at the time of yielding, so that the relevant laboratory machine industry still needs to work hard to find a road suitable for its own development and in line with the current economic development trend! The Department re issued "two certificates and one photo"

[printing enterprises are divided into four categories]

according to the investigation conducted by Guangzhou Municipal Publishing Bureau, radio and Television Bureau and other relevant units in the past two weeks, the proportion of printing enterprises in Guangzhou is quite high. The main reason is that many units engaged in printing business do not know that they belong to a printing enterprise, so they fail to report, which is particularly prominent in the units engaged in carton processing, painting, binding, business card printing, gluing and film. The relevant departments hope that they will take the initiative to register for the record in this standardization and rectification. "Printing enterprises" are divided into four categories: publication, packaging and decoration printed matter, three printing (referring to "printing, photocopying and photocopying") enterprises and other printed matter. In this rectification and standardization, all printing enterprises in Guangzhou have to re register for the record, including more than 1600 printing enterprises and more than 2200 "three printing" enterprises that have been registered in Guangzhou since the standardization of the printing market last year, as well as printing enterprises that have previously failed to report

[registration time ends at the end of the month]

the places of registration and filing are distinguished according to different business operations. Specifically, those who deal in publications and packaging and decorating printed matter must be re registered with the municipal Publishing Bureau and the radio and Television Bureau. The "three printing" enterprises and those who deal in other printed matter must be registered with the cultural bureaus of the districts and county-level cities where they are located. However, the color printing in the "three printing" is special, and the relevant operating units must be registered with the municipal experimental machine Publishing Bureau and the radio and Television Bureau. The time for registration and filing shall end at the end of this month. Go to the relevant departments for registration, and the printing enterprise shall prepare the enterprise's self-examination report and send the previous old certificates and licenses

["two certificates and one photo" must be complete]

the relevant person in charge pointed out that in the current rectification and standardization, printing enterprises should have "two certificates and one photo". The first step is to register with the Cultural Bureau and other cultural departments and issue the printing operation license, and then register with the public security department and issue the special industry license. Only after the two licenses are complete can we obtain the business license from the industrial and commercial department for legal operation. For those engaged in trademark printing, the certificate of trademark printing unit shall also be issued

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