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Printing environmental protection: the key point that printing enterprises must pay attention to

the printing industry has been crowned with high pollution. When can it be removed? As far as the printing process is concerned, due to the reduction of air consumption, printing has to go through film making, plate making, plate printing and other processes before brushing. The chemical raw materials in the process often become the culprit of environmental pollution. The used film and printing plate are generally not systematically recycled, which will cause environmental harm. During printing, the chemicals in the ink, car washing water and noise will cause great damage to the environment. What is more noteworthy is the disposal of waste paper. Taking a printing factory as a unit, the daily bad paper, machine testing paper and more printed paper will cause harm to the environment

since there is so much pollution in the printing process, it seems impossible to promote environmental protection in the printing industry, but this is not the case. Please take a look at Japan. Japan is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection. Every year, there are many inventions related to environmental protection, and environmental protection exhibitions are held. At the same time, its citizens are encouraged to perform their environmental protection duties in life. The "protection of resources" and "protection of the environment" have long been listed as one of the development directions of enterprises

for the printing industry, environmental protection is the key point that printing enterprises must pay attention to when users enter the "search engine tutorial" to search. The whole industry has been studying and deepening the subject for many years, that is, how to reduce the damage to the ecological environment. In this regard, many Japanese printing enterprises have done well, and many enterprises have passed the test to obtain the qualification of environmental protection enterprises, such as greater Japan printing, Fuji, relief printing, Nakagawa printing, Prince paper, etc. In addition to Japan, some foreign printing machine suppliers have also established their own environmental protection centers for research. Today, it has become the consensus of the world's printing industry that printing should also pay attention to environmental protection. If we still think that printing has nothing to do with environmental protection, we have not realized the significance of environmental protection

it is gratifying that in recent years, management at all levels have paid great attention to environmental protection production, and many unqualified enterprises have been stopped and eliminated by the representatives of the rectification meeting through the Beijing Declaration on 20 years of entrepreneurship in China's wood plastic industry, which has achieved good results. Sticking to environmental protection is important. The impact of the international financial crisis has not only brought pressure to the domestic industry, but also created leapfrog development opportunities for environmental friendly printing enterprises

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