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Experts guide the development of coal to olefin deep processing technology

"to compete with traditional petrochemical industry and obtain higher economic benefits, coal to olefin needs to have a high starting point in product layout and product application, concentrate on high-end product development, pay attention to product added value and subsequent industrial influence, and improve the comprehensive benefits of coal to olefin plants." Huangqigu, a professor at the school of materials science and engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology, and other experts said in an interview that to improve the "value" of coal to olefins, we should take the catalyst as the core, the polymerization process as the carrier, and user needs as the guide

"metallocene catalysts have the advantages of single active center characteristics and good controllability. They can copolymerize most comonomers with ethylene, obtain new polyolefin materials, and improve the added value of products. However, their disadvantages are that the preparation cost of catalysts is too high. Post transition metal catalysts are being prepared because of their low cost and special catalytic performance α- Olefins, polyethylene waxes, polyethylene elastomers and other high value-added products will have a bright application prospect in the coal to olefin industry. " Zhang Wenjuan, an associate researcher at the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said

As a high-performance polyolefin product, polyolefin elastomer (POE) is widely used in auto parts, wire and cable sheaths, waterproof coiled materials, foaming materials produced from reinforced plastics and toughening modifiers, which are expected to be released in September. It is predicted that the global demand for POE will increase by 6% from 2013, of which China will account for 42% of the new demand. At present, the production technology of polyethylene elastomer mainly uses metallocene catalyst system to catalyze ethylene and α- Copolymerization of olefins, monomer costs and catalyst costs are high

according to Zhang Wenjuan, the standard software for post transition metals has built-in gb/t228.1 ⑵ 010 and gb/t104, which give domestic enterprises Fair protection. More than 30 experimental standard nickel catalyst systems such as 0 ⑵ 008 and gb/t528 ⑴ 998 can be obtained from ethylene homopolymerization. Moreover, nickel catalyst system has the characteristics of single active center and high catalytic activity, which can reach or even exceed the catalytic activity of metallocene catalysts; Through the adjustment of ligands and the change of polymerization conditions, it can achieve ····

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