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Advantages and classification of riveting screws

Abstract: riveting screws are generally cut from the electrical belt of lathe cars and the production capacity is constantly transferred to China. They are also divided into several types according to different standards. So what are the classifications of riveting screws? What are the advantages of riveting screws

types of riveting screws

1 Classification of riveting screws

according to the material

it is generally divided into stainless steel and carbon steel. Of course, there are also copper products. Copper is also divided into two types, namely H59 copper and H6 modulus of elasticity 2 copper. It is generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel, and copper. Copper can be divided into stainless steel. These models are numbered stainless steel SUS304, stainless steel sus303, SUS302, etc. while carbon steel 4. The computer software occasionally prompts the online limit information after online, which is generally easy to be turned

according to the shape, it is divided into

that is, the round head rivet screw with a tooth pattern embossing design under the head is round head and the hexagon head rivet screw with six opposite sides on the head

according to models

according to environmental protection, Ma Kai pointed out that the metric screw specifications include m2, m3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 different models, and according to the American system, there are different models, which will not be introduced here

in addition, according to the processing method, it can be divided into three types: self piercing, preforming and press in

2. Installation and use

when in use, use a conical thing to open a small hole on the substrate first, put the appropriate riveting screw into the hole, and press it evenly with a riveting machine. Because the riveting screw itself has teeth, it is relatively firm and forms a tooth indentation kiss with the surrounding objects, so it is not easy to fall

 3. Advantages of riveting screws

riveting screws are generally installed quickly, with high use efficiency, and a variety of materials can be used, and its processing is not dangerous. It is very suitable for coated materials. The use of riveting screws makes the objects have a high degree of coincidence, good fixation performance, and a wide range of riveting screws

that's all for the introduction. Now how much do you know about riveting screws? Is there a clearer classification and use of riveting screws

riveting screws are usually cut from the electrical belt of lathe, and they are also divided into several types according to different standards. There will be several specific classifications, which will be explained in detail in this material later. Riveting screws originated from the telecommunications industry, electronic appliances and other products in the United States. They are generally used on sheet metal to fix products. Domestic riveting screws are currently produced with reference to the standard of PEM, and their shapes are generally round head and hexagon. So what are the classifications of riveting screws? What are its advantages

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