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Advantages and development prospects of plastic heat shrinkable packaging

if we go into supermarkets or stores, we will find that heat shrinkable packaging is rapidly occupying the market in the past oneortwo years, whether in the food industry, beverage industry, daily chemical industry or pharmaceutical industry, heat shrinkable packaging is rapidly applied to a variety of products. In response to this market phenomenon, this magazine interviewed and investigated nearly 20 well-known enterprises in several major industries, such as beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, beer, etc. through the investigation, we found that the biggest reason why the heat shrinkable packaging technology is affirmed is that it can reduce costs, promote sales, and increase the shelf display effect. This article will talk about the reasons why various industries choose thermal shrinkage from several advantages of thermal shrinkage

first, the biggest advantage of reducing costs of heat shrinkable packaging

at present, the vast majority of canned beverages and a large part of plastic bottled beverages are in the form of heat shrinkable packaging. According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., heat shrinkable packaging is a promising packaging form. At present, there have been cases in foreign countries where heat shrinkable packaging completely replaces cartons or half pallet cartons, However, the current logistics environment in the domestic market cannot be compared with the mature logistics management in the international market. Therefore, there are still some obstacles to the development of heat shrinkable technology to the international level in the domestic market. It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, with the development of heat shrinkable packaging technology and the continuous improvement of the pressure bearing capacity of heat shrinkable film, heat shrinkable packaging can completely replace cartons or heat shrinkable half pallet boxes in a {hottag} set of packaging specifications

the relevant person in charge of Dingxin International Group, which earlier adopted the form of heat shrinkable packaging in China, calculated a detailed account: after replacing cartons with heat shrinkable packaging, the cost can be reduced by at least 30%. This is the most important reason why heat shrinking technology attracts the beverage industry. Of course, the protection function of heat shrinkable packaging in the transportation process is relatively poor compared with that of cartons, but with the continuous development and innovation of heat shrinkable materials, the application of heat shrinkable packaging in the beverage industry is bright

second, improve the shelf display effect and promote sales

Shenzhen Jinwei Beer Co., Ltd., as the top manufacturing enterprise in the beer industry, most of its gift box products are in the form of heat shrinkable packaging for debugging and inspection. There are two main reasons for its use: 1 Diversify the packaging forms, which is conducive to sales promotion; 2. Heat shrinkable packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially the bundled packaging of small-size products. Small size bundled beer packaging has better flexibility and is more portable, so it is increasingly favored by consumers. With the increasing market demand for small-size bundled beer packaging, heat shrinkable packaging will have more room for development

moreover, the color heat shrinkable film that has appeared at present has been highly valued by beer enterprises. Some beer enterprises have adopted this kind of shrinkable film, which has improved the product grade and promoted sales. The relevant person in charge of Hubei jinlongquan Beer Group Co., Ltd. believes that color film heat shrinkable packaging will be the choice to obtain the best display effect. Under this demand, the heat shrinkable packaging machine suitable for color shrinkable film with film positioning system will become one of the packaging equipment with the best development prospects in the beer industry

III. several points that need to be improved in heat shrinking technology

beverage enterprises: shrinking equipment needs to be more flexible and personalized

with the change of consumer consumption habits, the specification of the vertically extended industrial chain of heat shrinking has also changed greatly, from 2 bottles of shrinkage to 12 bottles and 24 bottles. Therefore, beverage enterprises need equipment that can meet the shrinkage of different specifications. Akulon XS crystallization speed in the film bubble is much slower. In addition, If the handle can be added to the heat shrinkable packaging of different specifications to facilitate the carrying of consumers, it is the most desired of beverage enterprises. Flexible equipment and equipment that can provide personalized packaging are the future development trend of heat shrinkable packaging technology. (we will specially invite the Chinese Representative Office of Italian SMI company to introduce the improvement and diversification trend of shrink packaging in the following article.)

dairy enterprises: the flexibility of shrinking equipment needs to be improved

under the pressure of huge market competition, dairy enterprises are trying to use various means to improve the competitiveness and market share of products, and promotional means is a common one. For example, the original product packaging of 8 cups is changed to the promotional form of "buy eight get two free". At this time, the heat shrinkable packaging machine has exposed some weaknesses: most of the shrinkable machines are not very flexible and can not well meet the needs of dairy enterprises, Enterprises can only use on-site adhesive tape to wrap the promotional products on the packaging boxes of cup products with experimental equipment such as hydraulic universal testing machine series, electronic universal testing machine series and pressure testing machine series, which seriously affects the beauty of products and reduces the packaging quality. Therefore, in order to have greater development space for heat shrinkable packaging machinery, we must solve the user's demand for good flexibility of the equipment as soon as possible

through our investigation, it is not difficult to find that end-user enterprises in various industries have high hopes for heat shrinkable packaging equipment in reducing packaging costs and promoting sales. It is believed that with the continuous development of heat shrinkable packaging technology, more products using this form of packaging will appear in the market, More flexible and efficient heat shrinkable packaging technology will become the biggest expectation of end-user enterprises for heat shrinkable packaging equipment in the future

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