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Experts pointed out that coal to olefin focuses on upgrading and optimization Bai Yi, vice president of the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, recently analyzed and pointed out at the total China Science Forum that at present, coal to olefin is only a supplement to the development of China's olefin industry, and the development of China's coal to olefin industry focuses on upgrading and optimization. The construction of large-scale coal to olefin projects must give priority to the protection of regional water resources and the improvement of energy efficiency, At the same time, attention should be paid to resource utilization efficiency, optimization of olefin separation process, selection of downstream product chain and other issues to reduce pollution emissions

Bai Yi pointed out that the development of chemical water resources is one of the necessary conditions, and the coal chemical industry is a large water user. The water consumption per ton of coal based methanol is 10 ~ 13 tons, and the water consumption of coal to olefin projects is larger. Therefore, there must be relatively abundant available water resources as a guarantee

in addition, in 2010, China's ethylene production was 14.188 million tons, and the equivalent consumption was about 26million tons. The domestic self-sufficiency rate has been greatly improved, reaching 54% - 55%. After the successful completion of the coal to olefin industrialization demonstration project, there were 24 ethylene production enterprises and 29 production units in China in 2010. The average global sales of the regulated pharmaceutical industry reached US $1.1 trillion, which is close to the world average. These market changes also require close attention to the automatic regulation of cooling flow by the electronic control system

in terms of technology, the core of coal to olefin technology development is methanol to olefin Technology (mto/mtp), and the development, promotion and application of such technology at home and abroad are extremely active. At present, although the demonstration project has made phased progress, it needs to be optimized and improved. To be precise, there are still many contents to consider the improvement of engine oil function by a certain engine oil additive. For example, mto/mtp technology should not adopt the traditional ethylene separation process. We need to optimize the olefin separation so that we can leave the process according to the needs of customers, so as to reduce investment and control energy consumption

Bai Yi pointed out that in the next few years, coal to olefin is only a supplement to the development of China's olefin industry. There is still a lot of work to be done in terms of industrial layout, industrial chain design and process upgrading and optimization. The promotion of the project must highlight the characteristics of the upgrading demonstration, that is, to make a scientific summary on the basis of the original demonstration, so as to achieve the goals of reducing investment, reducing consumption and carbon emissions, improving the energy efficiency level of system engineering and the reuse rate of by-product resources, so as to make the products truly internationally competitive

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