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Experts pointed out that dioxane is widespread. Consumers don't need to panic.

recently, Bawang shampoo has been in trouble. Looking back, the truth identification is very simple. A Hong Kong gossip magazine published a so-called "" that is well known to practitioners in the daily chemical industry. Then, under the operation of institutions, it was wildly reprinted on many online media, which linked Bawang shampoo with far fetched harm to consumers' health

for a time, it was stormy all over the city, and consumers who did not know the truth were intimidated again. Yu Xueling, Secretary General of Guangdong Chamber of daily chemical industry, told the media: "dioxane entered cosmetics as an impurity in the 1970s. This time, it was just a re mention of the past. All products were guaranteed for one year, and the fact proved that the dioxane content in overlord was lower than the national standard, safe and harmless"

at the same time, according to experts, in fact, in addition to shampoo, other daily chemical products, including hand sanitizer, shower gel, toothpaste and other daily personal cleaning and moisturizing care products, contain dioxane

on July 16, the State Food and drug administration also quickly issued a notice to officials that the film blowing machine is widely used in various industries, pointing out that in daily consumer goods (except food and drugs), the ideal limit of dioxane is 30ppm, and when the content does not exceed 100ppm, it is acceptable in toxicology; Clarify the health and harmlessness of Bawang shampoo

facing the facts, what else can we say? Many consumers also expressed indignation at the malicious acts of individuals and enterprises with ulterior motives to harm China's high-quality national brands, and expressed their support for overlord in their blogs. Many media with a sense of justice have published a number of commentaries by insiders to expose this farce

it is understood that Bawang group has entered Hong Kong and filed a lawsuit with the high court of Hong Kong against oneweek for "maliciously slandering and slandering" Bawang's products, and asked for compensation for the losses. Legal professionals said that if the highest compensation standard and the loss of Bawang's market value actually caused by the report, the parent company of oneweek, One media, a listed company, swallowed its own bitter fruit according to the research of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Maybe the lawsuit will involve more behind the scenes

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