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Experts interpret the scientific and technological research and industrialization project of textile machinery during the 12th Five Year Plan. This year is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan. Where will the baton of scientific and technological development of the textile machinery industry lead the industry in the next five years? At the time when the giant ship "12th Five Year Plan" was about to anchor and sail, he visited the China Textile Machinery Association with the details of eight major and 50 minor items of the "12th Five Year Plan" textile industry science and technology research and industrialization projects announced by the China Textile Industry Association, and invited a number of industry experts to make a professional interpretation. The 6th and 7th editions of this weekly will provide readers with the details of our carefully prepared "12th Five Year Plan" scientific and technological research and industrialization projects and expert interpretation opinions, hoping to help textile machinery enterprises formulate medium and long-term strategies

high tech fiber production line is still a hot spot for development

interpretation expert Fei Liya, China Textile machinery and equipment industry association

10000 ton PPS long and short fiber production line, Aramid 1313 spinning equipment, aramid 1414 fiber production equipment High tech fiber production lines such as poly (p-phenylbisoxazole) (Pb reduces the probability of single vehicle damage o) spinning complete production lines are expected to become a sustainable development hotspot in the next ten years

at present, China Textile Industry Design Institute is developing a complete set of equipment for the production of aramid 1414 fiber. The development of corrosion-resistant reactor is a difficulty for the complete set of equipment for the production of aramid 1414 fiber

at present, dozens of enterprises are working on carbon fiber complete production lines. The carbon fiber products of Lianyungang yingyou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. have been industrialized, and carbon fiber bicycles, carbon fiber gears, rollers and other parts have been used on stenters and other equipment

nylon polymerization equipment and technology with a daily output of 100 tons and above have entered the pilot stage. Beijing Sanlian HONGPU textile and Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a production line with a daily output of 200 tons in cooperation with a foreign enterprise, and the Dalian synthetic fiber Institute has successfully developed a production line with a daily output of 80 tons

at present, chemical fiber equipment is developing in the direction of short process and less pollution. The industrial device of PLA fiber involves energy problems and fills the domestic technical gap. At present, Changchun Institute of chemical fiber and other units are engaged in this research

airflow forming equipment expands the source of raw materials

interpretation expert Zhang Zhongzheng of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association

at present, Shanghai synthetic fiber Institute is committed to developing polylactic acid spunbonded nonwovens production line. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. strictly informs you that the technical difficulty of the production line lies in the spinning process. PPS melt blown equipment is still blank in China and has just begun to be developed abroad

wood pulp Spunlaced Composite production line is a production line for developing environment-friendly and degradable composite industrial textiles. At present, Jiangsu Changshu Feilong Machinery Co., Ltd. is developing it

at present, some enterprises in Jiangsu are engaged in the research on the post-treatment machine of superfine fiber synthetic leather base cloth. The technical difficulty of this equipment lies in the post-treatment part

pneumatic forming equipment is a kind of equipment that fills the gap of domestic breakthrough in the bottleneck of core general-purpose chip design and manufacturing. After successful development, raw materials can be extended to many fields that cannot be operated by traditional machinery, which can partially solve the current shortage of raw materials

the key manufacturing technology of special parts needs to be improved

interpretation expert Duan Fengli, Yao Mengli, China Textile machinery and equipment industry association

the manufacturing enterprises of special parts and equipment are generally small enterprises, so the research on the key accessories of textile machinery is slightly insufficient, but it is particularly important. Enterprises such as high-speed spindles have established industrial alliances and have gradually developed according to market demand. Domestic spindles still need to be improved in accuracy consistency and production automation. Tianjin University of technology and warp and weft spinning machine are working on the spindle detection equipment and technology by hand with 28 (4) 044060014180 d=a, which is of positive significance to stabilize the spindle quality. Needle cloth, needle plate, spindle and steel ring are generally insufficient in processing, manufacturing, heat treatment and reliability, which need to be further improved

spinnerets for high-performance fibers such as carbon fibers, winding heads for carbon fibers, and metering pumps for high-performance fibers have been developed and produced by domestic enterprises, and microporous processing accuracy and material corrosion resistance treatment are still processing difficulties. At present, the pilot test of 1500 mm spindle length full-automatic winding head and high-frequency thermal drafting roller and the trial production of high-precision metering pump have been completed in China, but the manufacturing technology needs to be further optimized

Shandong Jinpeng and other knitting needle enterprises have strengthened the research and development of knitting needles for circular machines and computerized flat knitting machines and achieved some results. At present, domestic knitting needles also need to work hard on special materials, special processing equipment and special processing technology

develop energy-saving environmental protection equipment

interpretation expert Li Yi of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association

chemical agent concentration detection and distribution system can effectively reduce the use of caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide and additives, and reduce the pollution caused by excessive use of chemicals. The key technology of this system lies in hydrogen peroxide concentration detection technology and accurate distribution technology of additives, At present, domestic companies such as Hangzhou Kaiyuan have made some achievements in this regard

the heat energy real-time monitoring system of the shaping machine has been developed in Changzhou Hongda at present, and the technical level of the drying room exhaust humidity detection, cloth surface temperature and moisture content detection of the monitoring system needs to be improved

the membrane filtration and purification recovery system of printing and dyeing wastewater studied by Tianjin University of technology, Huzhou meixinda group and other units has been put into use. The technical difficulty and key technology of the project lies in the development of wastewater membrane filtration and purification technology and devices suitable for the printing and dyeing industry. After successful development, it can increase the recycling rate of water, effectively reduce the amount of fresh water intake and reduce sewage discharge

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