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Advantages and development of financial leasing as an important supplement to bank liquidity loans, financial leasing does not occupy the credit line of the lessee in the bank, but also provides stable medium and long-term funds for the lessee. In the early 1950s, financial leasing appeared in the United States. As an important supplement to bank liquidity loans, financial leasing does not occupy the credit line of the lessee in the bank, but also provides stable medium and long-term funds for the lessee. The repayment method of installment also helps the lessee to avoid the risk of capital fluctuation. Purchasing new equipment through financing is a common demand of the whole machine tool industry, and the ability of asset financing will become the key for machine tool manufacturers to win customers. As many machine tool users are small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to obtain bank loan support to purchase equipment, so the demand for asset financing is growing. Simply speaking, financial leasing is to rent instead of purchase, which can not only make the enterprise capital more flexible, but also reduce the enterprise cost by 40% - 60%

from the perspective of machine tool industry, China's industry is transforming. Intelligent manufacturing technology based on interconnected ultrasonic vibration machining technology will be the most important direction of manufacturing technology in the future. In addition, the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry is also related to finance. In order to achieve real industrial transformation and upgrading, finance is the most important support for the transformation and upgrading of real industries

from the perspective of new energy, Europe, Germany and Japan are all big countries supported by new energy. The core of China's financial leasing services are national major strategies such as the the Belt and Road, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Yangtze River economic belt, made in China 2025 and the construction of new urbanization. Due to the considerable weight of the upper beam, tie rod and workbench, financial leasing companies are encouraged to become bigger and stronger in traditional fields such as aircraft, ships and construction machinery, actively expand the strategic emerging industry markets such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biology, and broaden the investment and financing channels of cultural industries. Financial leasing companies are encouraged to participate in infrastructure construction such as urban and rural public utilities, sewage and waste treatment, and environmental treatment. Encourage the development of new energy vehicles and supporting facilities through financial leasing in the fields of buses, taxis, official vehicles, etc. Innovative business models may help the development of new energy vehicles, one of which is financial leasing. Unlimited potential in recent years, deteriorating environmental pollution and the global energy crisis have made the automotive industry face increasing pressure on emission reduction and energy conservation, and the demand for the development of new energy vehicles is therefore more urgent. In recent years, the Chinese government has introduced a series of measures to promote the development of new energy vehicles, such as subsidies for new energy vehicles in pilot cities and government support for enterprises

business categories included in financial leasing: direct financial leasing, operating leasing, sale leaseback, sublease, entrusted leasing, sharing leasing, leveraged leasing, etc

advantages of financial leasing:

1. Innovation of financing methods: diversified sources of funds, financing cooperation with banks and other financial institutions. For example, in leveraged leasing, the lessor only needs to pay 20% to 30% of the equipment investment, and the rest can be loaned by other financial institutions

2. Innovation of equipment source channel: the necessary parameters of the tensile testing machine supplying equipment are the manufacturer of the equipment, the lessee of the equipment, and even the current user of the equipment. In case of sublease, the leasing company leases the equipment from other leasing companies and subleases it to the lessee for use; For sale leaseback, the lessee sells the equipment it uses to the lessor and then leases it back

3. Innovation of rent payment method: rent is no longer a fixed equal payment, but depends on the lessee's operating conditions, and is more combined with the lessee's income. Such as revenue percentage lease. After the lessee pays a certain rent to the lessor first, the remaining rent is paid according to a certain percentage of the lessee's operating income

4. Innovation of lease term: the term is no longer fixed, but the approximate lease term is determined according to the lessee's income status until all costs are recovered after discounting. The above leasing methods can achieve innovation in the lease term

business innovation is the general trend in the operation mode of foreign financial leasing industry. Innovative financial leasing is a new product developed by foreign countries with more developed financial leasing. In particular, leveraged leasing is a more popular way of financial leasing in foreign countries. According to statistics, among all the leases in the United States, direct purchase leasing accounts for 45% and leveraged leasing accounts for 40%. It can be seen that leveraged leasing plays an important role in the U.S. leasing market. In addition, leveraged leasing is also the fastest-growing leasing mode in the financial leasing industry in Japan and Germany

government policies on financial leasing in Tianjin

Tianjin financial leasing, a special industry, has mostly given special preferential policies, which are mainly reflected in:

1 Tax policy. It is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is the direct investment tax reduction, which allows enterprises to enjoy a certain proportion of the purchase cost of rented equipment

2. Insurance policy. Reducing the risk of financial leasing to a minimum and reflecting the state's support and protection for the financial leasing industry in the insurance policy are common measures in foreign countries with developed financial leasing industry

3. Credit policy. Financial leasing has very high requirements for the financial strength and financial strength of leasing companies, and the government has given flexible credit policies to support the development of financial leasing

4. Fiscal subsidy policy. In order to more directly support the lessee to obtain investment equipment by means of financial leasing and improve the enthusiasm of the lessee, financial subsidies are given to the rent it pays

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