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Advantages and characteristics of automatic mechanical three-dimensional parking lot

advantages and characteristics of automatic mechanical three-dimensional parking lot - Tianma Huayuan Wuhan Office

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original title: advantages and characteristics of automatic mechanical three-dimensional parking lot - Tianma Huayuan Wuhan Office

compared with the traditional multi-storey parking lot, The main advantages of automatic parking system are:

up to 70% requires less land area

building volume is reduced by 50%

return on investment is up to 12%

up to 85% produces less carbon dioxide emissions through driving

feasibility and profitability

the development of parking lots and parking lots often directly affects the feasibility of real estate projects. Skyline PAR1 is called "version" in the industry; 276 working days system rdquo; The regulation of irregular production capacity is also spreading across the country. The design flexibility of king and other automatic parking systems can help in feasibility and profitability by making parking in areas where traditional parking spaces are not suitable. The possible locations of APS are almost unlimited: above ground, underground, independent, below or integrated into existing buildings, 195 PVC door and window transmission locks, and even very narrow or irregular shaped areas

eco friendly and sustainable development

the automatic parking system can search for parking spaces without driving and idle cars, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 85% or more. For parking lot development, APS usually requires less construction materials, less excavation, shorter construction time and reduced construction interruption. In order to achieve sustainable development, automatic parking system is usually the cheapest choice for underground parking garage

inherent safety and security

the safety and security of cars, drivers and pedestrians has always been the priority of the parking lot, so the development project. Compared with traditional parking lots, automatic parking systems are inherently safer and safer because they can remove drivers and pedestrians from the parking area. No driving means there is no possibility of car damage or car theft. No pedestrians means there is no need to walk through dark, dark parking areas, and there is no opportunity to steal, destroy, or worse


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