22 inter provincial expressways will be built in t

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22 inter provincial expressways will be built in the urban agglomeration around Poyang Lake. Recently, the author learned from the Department of housing and urban rural development of Jiangxi province that the total investment of our products is 14.1 billion yuan. Our products are 1 workshop. 2. Fatigue testing machine. 1 series. The planning of ecological urban agglomeration around Poyang Lake (), which is currently being publicized, makes it clear that it will further strengthen opening to the outside world and build a more complete comprehensive transportation corridor. Among them, the railway will establish an intercity rail with Nanchang as the core; On the highway, 22 inter Provincial Expressway channels will be established; In the field of aviation, build an airport layout of "one trunk line and five branches"; At the same time, it will also develop shipping and integrate the five existing ports of Jiujiang port. It is reported that the ecological city cluster around Poyang Lake will strengthen the connection of cross provincial highways and establish cross provincial highway channels with Zhejiang channel 3, Anhui channel 5, Hubei channel 4, Hunan channel 4, Guangdong channel 3 and Fujian channel 3

accelerate the construction of Hangzhou Changsha Expressway (Dexing Quzhou section), Pengze Dongzhi expressway, Hukou Susong cross Yangtze River Highway, Nanchang Shangli Changsha expressway, Xiushui Pingjiang expressway, Nanchang Ningdu Dingnan expressway, Shangrao Wannian expressway, huashanjie Limu Expressway and other highway channels, and connect Wuxue cross Yangtze River Expressway. Speed up the "four to eight" project of chang'an-jiujiang expressway, build the western half ring expressway in Nanchang metropolitan area, strengthen the connectivity between peripheral cities and towns in the metropolitan area, and alleviate the transit traffic pressure of chang'an-jiujiang Expressway and Shanghai Kunming expressway

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