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Product details: wittgen w50h and w100h milling machines

Product Details: wittgen w50h and w100h milling machines

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wittgen w50h and w100h cold milling machines are welcomed by many users with their excellent performance and wide range of applications. Their most dazzling characteristics are "three highs", namely, high flexibility High efficiency and high output. These two types of equipment have the advantages of low fuel consumption, low tool wear and high cost efficiency; Advanced level Pro Plus automatic leveling system can ensure accurate milling effect; The compact model ensures super maneuverability

"efficient and flexible king" wittgen w50h cold milling machine

this product has become the first choice among half meter range milling machines because of its compact size, excellent use of temperature measuring gun, good maneuverability, strong terrain adaptability, and the consistent strong milling ability of wittgen equipment

efficient milling ability and perfect operation effect

equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engine with a rated power of 82 kW, its ultra-high engine power and the best torque combination ensure that the machine can work quickly and efficiently at different milling depths; The maximum milling depth of W50 h can reach 180 mm under the width of 500 mm milling 4. The indication error of experimental force: within ± 0.5% of the indication value; Low fuel consumption, low tool loss and low road maintenance cost. The research and development, production and utilization of large biodegradable plastics are of great significance to the sustainable development of the plastic industry and greatly improve the cost-effectiveness

high flexibility and mobility

compact model design, small milling radius and small wheelbase ensure super mobility and flexibility, while reducing the impact on traffic; The standard 4-wheel design improves the stability of the equipment. The powerful all wheel drive system enables the equipment to have the best traction performance under complex working conditions and in the process of equipment loading and unloading

the operation is simple and intuitive, and the construction is not difficult.

this equipment adheres to the simple operation concept of wittgen, which significantly improves the comfort of the machine hand and the output of the milling machine; The large ground clearance of the machine can effectively prevent the machine from being damaged by collision with obstacles and ensure the passing capacity of the equipment in complex environments; The right rear wheel can mechanically swing to the front of the milling rotor to realize trimming milling

"production master" wittgen w 100 h cold milling machine

this product is a cold milling machine that "satisfies all customers" and is applied to municipal construction and highway construction. Its most prominent feature is that it has a very high operating output; Equipped with long receiving belt, it has the ability to fill large trucks

high output can be obtained under any working condition

the powerful diesel engine with rated power of 155kw DEUTZ and advanced engine technology ensure the maximum milling output under low fuel consumption; The milling power is high, the working width is 1.00 m, and the milling depth can reach 200 mm, which has a very high output

the tested HT22 quick change tool holder system

compared with the traditional welded tool holder system, the innovative HT22 quick change tool holder system provides more advantages. It is designed for difficult milling conditions, optimizes the rotation of the cutter head, additional cooling of the cutter head from the design of the cutter base, fast and simple disassembly of the cutter base, ultra-low wear, and the wear line is convenient to monitor the wear of the upper cutter base. In a word, the use of HT22 quick change tool holder system makes the construction more economical and efficient

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