Detailed explanation of pre printing quality probl

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Detailed explanation of carton pre printing quality problem V

v. ink blooming caused by improper printing pressure:

when the liner is uneven, uneven or insufficient, there will be poor contact between the printing plate and the rubber, between the rubber cylinder and the embossing cylinder, or between the printing plate and the lining (relief process), which will affect the uniform and full transfer of the printing ink layer of the layout, This is likely to cause insufficient pressure on PC materials to become the preferred plastic layout for automotive lighting systems, and the ink is light and scratchy. In order to avoid this bad situation, it is necessary to protect the surface of the embossing cylinder, prevent it from losing its due flatness due to damage and deformation, keep the basic properties uniform and sufficient, and reduce the printing pressure due to friction, which is an effective measure to eliminate the ink color blooming of printing

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