Detailed description and main applications of the

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Detailed description and main applications of self-aligning roller bearings

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the operation process of self-aligning roller shafts needs to be performed in strict accordance with the operating specifications. The bearing has two rows of spherical rollers, the outer ring has a common concave spherical raceway, and the inner ring has a cast aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine. The market is close to saturation. Two concave raceways are inclined at an angle to the bearing axis, and the curvature center of the outer ring raceway is consistent with the bearing center. Self aligning roller bearings are self-aligning and are not affected by the misalignment between the shaft and the bearing housing or the deformation and deflection of the shaft, which can compensate for the resulting concentricity error. In addition to bearing radial load, this kind of bearing can also bear bidirectional axial load and its combined load, with large bearing capacity and good anti vibration and anti impact capacity. Self aligning roller bearings are mainly used in various mechanical equipment in iron and steel, mining, papermaking, shipbuilding, textile machinery, coal mills, electric power and other industries. They are the most widely used type of bearings in the mechanical industry. Reasonable protection and maintenance plans are formulated

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