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On May 15, 2019, Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, the world-class, "national brand" 2019 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Exhibition was grandly opened. In this grand event of the global construction machinery giants competing on the same stage, Shantui brought 8 high-quality equipment to the exhibitors in the 520 square meter exhibition area of the S10 booth, which brought a wonderful visual feast

don't forget the original intention: dh17c2 XL full hydraulic bulldozer

Shantui adheres to innovation guidance and insight into market demand, sublimates the core advantages of "ace product" bulldozers, and successfully creates DH series high-end products suitable for various working conditions. Dh17c2 LGP ultra wet full hydraulic bulldozer, dh17c2 wh sanitation full hydraulic bulldozer and dh17c2 DS desert full hydraulic bulldozer are their variants

dh17c2 XL standard full hydraulic bulldozer is a new generation of hydraulic transmission bulldozer developed by Shantui, and its technology has reached the international advanced level. This product inherits more than 30 years of bulldozer production experience of Shantui, with excellent quality and stable and reliable performance. It is mainly suitable for pushing, excavating, backfilling earthwork and other bulk material operations. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for national defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural roads and other engineering projects

focus on customer needs: se75/se135/se245lc excavators

compared with manual excavators, excavators have the advantages of low cost, sufficient power, high work efficiency, convenient maintenance and so on. At this exhibition, Shantui brought three excavator products: Se75, se135 and se245lc

these three excavators are equipped with high-performance turbocharged engines, which have large torque and strong power; It can provide appropriate pressure and flow according to the requirements of load, with high action coordination and super performance; The self-developed str-a10 intelligent control system can achieve a high matching between the power system and the hydraulic system, with high operation efficiency and low fuel consumption; Four working modes, easy to switch; Through the cloud platform, you can view the location, running track, working status and other relevant information of the vehicle at any time, which is more intelligent

in addition, comprehensively optimize the design of structural parts and strengthen the treatment of key positions; The bucket, side plate and reinforcing plate are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials to improve the durability of the bucket; The reinforced working device adapts to various harsh working conditions

ingenuity creates extraordinary: sr20ma/sr22ma single steel wheel roller

380V power supply Shantui fully considers the needs of customers, and continuously improves product functions and optimizes design in the field of road machinery. Sr20m in this exhibition "A. sr22ma large tonnage roller is customized for large-scale foundation projects, with high configuration, reasonable system matching, reliable performance and high efficiency.

among them, Shantui patented new vibratory wheel has better structure and stability; the vibratory pump and vibratory motor are selected from internationally renowned brands to ensure the reliability and compaction performance of the vibratory system; equipped with Shangchai sc8d series turbocharged diesel engine, it has excellent performance and high reliability , high fuel economy

innovation leads the future: l58-c3/l53-c3 Xiaoxiang loader

Shantui continues to make efforts in product quality. The l58-c3 Xiaoxiang heavy-duty loader is equipped with Weichai WP10 national third electronic control engine, reinforced heavy-duty frame, reinforced bucket and reinforced boom, which are suitable for heavy-duty loading and unloading operation in Hunan region. L53-c3 Xiaoxiang smart loader is equipped with Weichai WP10 Guosan electric control engine according to the adjustment direction of the national industrial policy and the requirements of post disaster reconstruction. The wheelbase is 2920mm, the front position is hinged, and the steering is flexible and efficient. It is suitable for the shoveling, loading and unloading of loose materials and the operation of narrow small and medium-sized mixing plants recommended by some experts. These two loaders have the product advantage of "high-low, fast and complete"

high - high reliability and transmission efficiency

low - low fuel consumption and maintenance cost

fast - fast demand response and fault diagnosis

full - there are many optional layouts and configurations

cool - comfortable driving environment and convenient maintenance

on this stage of displaying new products and technologies, Shantui strives to become the enterprise that pays most attention to users' personalized needs and user service satisfaction, and Shantui will also become a "trusted partner on the road to success" for more customers

looking back on the past, Shantui firmly believes in the development of independent innovation. Today, in the critical period of transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, Shantui will not forget its original intention, adhere to innovation as the winning weight, adhere to "customer satisfaction is our purpose", continue to build "high-low, fast and cool" series products, and forge ahead towards the goal of building an international first-class brand of construction machinery

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