Analysis on supply and demand of Styrene Market in

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Analysis of supply and demand of Styrene Market in northern China

analysis of supply and demand of Styrene Market in northern China

January 24, 2019

from the supply side, at present, the operation of factories in northern China is relatively stable. Since the restart of 250000 ton/year styrene plant in Shandong Yuhuang on December 9, there has been no new maintenance plant in northern China, and there is no new maintenance plan in the short term, and the supply in northern China is still abundant

from the demand side, with the Spring Festival holiday approaching, some downstream factories in northern China began to prepare for downtime and holidays from late January. Among them, EPS has been greatly affected after being maintained for 1 s. At present, EPS terminal plate factories have been shut down one after another, almost all of them have been shut down, and the remaining consumption is mainly packaging. However, the packaging consumption in northern China itself * accounts for a small proportion, which leads EPS production enterprises to slowly reduce the load and avoid risks; Abs/ps was relatively less affected, but some of its terminal factories also began to have holidays gradually to improve its work to avoid unsafe accidents. It is expected that the demand for styrene will decline in the future

with the decline of demand, the inventory of styrene plants in North China and Shandong has increased. Some factories in Shandong are still actively shipping to the East China market for the purpose of digesting inventory. At present, the freight from Shandong to East China is about 300 yuan/ton, and there is a certain arbitrage space in the Shandong factory East China market in the short term. However, as the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, downstream users will actively purchase cars, and the light weight will become a bright spot, and the demand for arbitrage sources may also be limited. In the later stage, it is recommended to pay attention to the shipment of Shandong Yuhuang to the East China market, based on the progress of styrene factory inventory accumulation in the north

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