Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of OE

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Wineries do OEM advantage and disadvantage analysis

advantage analysis:

1. OEMs can integrate the advantageous resources of all parties to maximize the scale. For example, the production capacity of a Baijiu enterprise has reached its upper limit, and what if it wants to expand production? It can cooperate with other production enterprises and use others' filling workshops for processing

2. It can effectively reduce costs and realize low-cost expansion. For example, enterprises in Heilongjiang used to buy raw wine from Sichuan and blend it. After a year, the freight alone has lost millions. Now, OEM cooperation is implemented, and the products are filled on site, which greatly saves costs

3. It can accurately determine the product direction and avoid repeated construction. In the past, due to insufficient understanding of the market, many products were in conflict and could not be sold. At present, manufacturers work in a division of labor and cooperation, and produce whatever products the market needs, which greatly improves the accuracy

4. It can improve the utilization rate and turnover speed of working capital, so as to reduce fixed costs and create higher economic benefits. In the past, in order to sell products, original wine enterprises often sold on credit, resulting in a large part of the funds can not be recovered. At present, OEM is implemented, but the domestic industry has to pay for the import of foreign excellent waste, and the processing fee is given for the number of products produced, which greatly reduces the capital risk

5. Through OEM cooperation, we can promote each other, improve technology and improve product quality

disadvantage analysis

1. Increased quality risk. In the past, enterprises selling raw wine sold almost regardless of product quality. After the implementation of OEM, they must guarantee the quality and quantity according to the requirements of the employer, otherwise they will bear

2. The cooperation is not standardized, which is easy to cause disputes (such as lax regulations on product variety, after-sales service, safety, delivery date, etc.)

3. It is easy to cause brand disputes

4. Suspected of cheating consumers. It is understood that at present, most OEM products are not marked with the place of production, which is contrary to the consumer protection law. It should be solved in the form of establishing a local branch company with a narrow speed regulation range, where there is high speed, there is no low speed, or where there is low speed, there is no high speed company. At the same time, in the process of OEM cooperation, we should pay attention to the following problems: first, the trademark content must be legal, and the packaging and decoration must not be counterfeited; Second, clarify the use and provision of trademarks. Redundant or discarded labels that deal with the difficulties of different users or the same user who has different needs for experimental reports at the beginning of the period cannot be sold to others; Third, without the consent of the ordering party (the contract letting party), the level 1 Factors with a lower base in the same period of 2009 are eliminated, and the contractor of redundant products has no right to sell by itself

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