32 batches of wires and cables such as huoguda are

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"Guda" and other 32 batches of wires and cables are qualified

according to the provisions of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China and relevant work arrangements, Guizhou provincial market supervision bureau recently conducted supervision and random inspection on the product quality of wire and cable production enterprises in the Province

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a total of 32 batches of wire and cable products produced by 19 enterprises were sampled in this supervision and random inspection. The trademarks included well-known brands such as gooda. The sampling areas involved Guiyang City, Liupanshui City, Zunyi City, Anshun City, Qiandongnan Prefecture and Qiannan Prefecture. The product inspection results were all qualified, the detection rate of problematic products was 0%, and the discovery rate of problematic enterprises was 0%

this supervision and random inspection is based on gb/t 12706 Extruded insulated power cables and accessories with rated voltages from 1KV (um=1.2kv) to 35kV (um=40.5kv) - Part 1: cables with rated voltages of 1KV (um=1.2kv) and 3K using LED touch screen V (um=3.6kv); Gb/t round wire concentric stranded empty conductor; Gb/t can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping tests "overhead insulated cables with rated voltage of 1kV and below"; Gb/t 10KV overhead insulated cable with rated voltage; Solvay ultra performance polymers exhibit extremely high PV values of up to 4million psi*ft/min (140mpa*m/s) gb/t 9330 in harsh environments Plastic insulated control cables Part 2: PVC insulated and sheathed control cables; Ccgf 708.1-2015 power cables and other standards

Guizhou Guda Cable Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of wires and cables, and its products are widely used in the fields of electricity, transportation, home decoration and communication. Gooda cable is the common choice of the three real estate companies country garden, Vanke and Evergrande. 45 and 40Cr steel merchants are the most frequently used in the first-class supply of Nanfang power. More than 70% of high-end home decoration companies in Guizhou have designated cooperative brands, and the sales volume is far ahead of the industry. Ping An insurance underwrites, with a 70 year warranty. Gooda is the choice of home and her, and safe wires

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