The world's first zero pollution thermal power sta

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The world's first "zero pollution" thermal power station was completed in Germany

"however, this practice of relevant energy enterprises has not been recognized by environmental protection organizations. Some environmentalists believe that the company is changing ways to continue to pollute

carbon capture

Swedish waterfall energy company recently held the completion ceremony of this "zero pollution" thermal power plant in Germany

"the pilot plant is located in the schwarzepper Industrial Zone, sprenberg, eastern Germany. Nearly 400 guests, including representatives of the German and Swedish governments, attended the inauguration ceremony

AFP reported that thermal power plants produce a large amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide when generating electricity, which is one of the main sources of atmospheric pollution. In order to solve this problem, waterfall energy will adopt the "carbon capture and storage" technology to collect the carbon dioxide released during the combustion of fossil fuels, compress it to liquid state, inject it into the underground rock stratum and store it permanently

waterfall Energy said that in this way, the power plant will not increase the environmental burden

 for the treated liquid carbon dioxide, waterfall energy decided to seal it in the permeable rock of a developed gas field in northern Germany

"the company said that nature has the ability to absorb and solidify carbon dioxide. For example, sedimentary rocks can" capture "carbon dioxide during geological formation. In the water bearing geological structure, carbon dioxide can be partially absorbed by water and react with minerals to form carbonate and complete solidification

oxygen combustion supporting

(4) in order to make (4) China's comprehensive ban on the import of vanadium slag the trigger for the soaring price of vanadium, "carbon capture and storage" technology more convenient to operate, waterfall energy company will use pure oxygen as combustion supporting agent to make the exhaust gas after combustion purer and easier to separate

nowadays, thermal power plants generally use air as combustion supporting agent. Because the air contains nitrogen and other elements, the gas produced by combustion is prone to contain a variety of impurities. After pure oxygen combustion, the waste gas produced by lignite combustion will be mainly carbon dioxide, which is easy to separate and treat


"carbon capture and storage will be used as a temporary solution to buy time for our future research and development of sustainable energy use," waterfall Energy said on the station to continuously improve its financial management level

Hubertus Altman, a staff member of the company, called this power generation mode "the future of coal"

there are many disputes

"however, this technology has not won the" favor "of environmental protection organizations

"some environmentalists said that" carbon capture and storage "technology did not reduce the earth's carbon dioxide content in total, but was playing tricks. Environmental protection needs real emission reduction. The construction capital of new power plants is much higher than that of general advanced organic material power plants. Waterfall energy company should use this money to improve equipment, improve energy efficiency and find new energy

"alliance" of German environmental protection organization called Waterfall energy's large market of plastic products in China as a "fig leaf" to facilitate the continuation of thermal power generation

"the management personnel of waterfall energy company often mention environmental friendly coal-fired power stations, but they still plan and build traditional thermal power plants with high carbon dioxide emissions as usual," said tolben Becker, spokesman of the "alliance"

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