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Analysis of safety accidents and prevention and control measures in coal chemical enterprises Abstract:

safety production is the basis for the sustainable development of all enterprises. Today, when "people-oriented and safe development" is advocated, safety issues are highly concerned by the state and society. This paper first introduces the current situation of safety production and common accidents in coal chemical enterprises in China, then analyzes the direct and indirect causes of safety accidents in coal chemical enterprises, and finally puts forward corresponding preventive measures for these problems

keyword: coal chemical enterprise; Safety accidents; Measures

1. Preface

with the increasing amount of coal mining and the increasing market demand for coal chemical products, coal chemical enterprises all over the world, including China, are developing towards large-scale, the production scale and the number of employees are growing rapidly, and the storage of hazardous materials is also increasing. At the same time, because chemical production materials or production processes have the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability, explosion, easy poisoning, easy corrosion, long process flow, strong continuity and so on, there are more and more complex unsafe factors in chemical production, operation and storage than other industries, and the danger and harmfulness are greater with anti-skid surfaces. Once out of control or improper protection, it is likely to cause serious accidents of plant destruction and human death

2. In order to comprehensively regulate the production and business activities of the chemical industry, the State Council and its relevant departments have successively issued a series of laws, regulations, departmental rules and relevant standards based on the work safety law on the basis of summarizing the experience and lessons of work safety in the chemical industry at home and abroad, so as to further improve the legal system of work safety, So that China's chemical production safety work basically has laws to follow. However, with the improvement of safety laws and regulations and national and industrial safety standards, safety accidents still occur from time to time in all parts of China. The impact of accidents caused by the lack of safety, protective facilities, and inadequate safety management is increasing. The safety accidents of coal chemical enterprises reported by the media repeatedly show that the current safety production situation in China is still severe

in the process of chemical production and operation, common accidents include fire, explosion, poisoning, suffocation, corrosion, scalding, electric shock, mechanical injury and falling accidents

3. Analysis of accident causes:

through the investigation, analysis and summary of the causes of each accident, it can be seen that the direct cause of the accident is basically the unsafe behavior of people or the unsafe state of things. However, the deep-seated cause, that is, the root cause, of "unsafe behavior of people" and "unsafe state of things" is obvious defects in management. We often say that "there are Australian hidden dangers in the countries that currently use this device" refers to the unsafe state of things, unsafe behaviors of people and defects in management. If the management is in place, the control is tight, the unsafe state of things is eliminated in time, and the unsafe behavior of people is eliminated, there will be no potential safety hazards. Once there is a potential safety hazard, it will lead to safety accidents if it is not found and treated in time

in order to prevent accidents and ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of chemical production, the state has made clear the safety conditions that chemical enterprises must have from the legal level: establish and improve full-time safety management institutions; Formulate specific and feasible safety production system for personnel at all posts; The main person in charge, safety management personnel and special operation personnel of the enterprise must work with certificates; The safety production conditions of the enterprise shall be regularly evaluated by legally qualified evaluation institutions (third parties). In terms of the content and time of various training and education, the work safety law, the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals and industry standards have made clear provisions, which is to promote enterprises to comprehensively improve employees' safety awareness and self-protection skills, so as to reduce people's unsafe behaviors. Through safety evaluation and safety standardization acceptance, enterprises can be urged to improve various safety management systems, safety production systems for various posts and emergency rescue plans, making them practical and feasible; It can also help enterprises find out the existing design defects, management loopholes, unclear responsibilities and other problems from a professional perspective, formulate corresponding technical or organizational measures, and fundamentally eliminate the "unsafe state of things" to achieve the most basic conditions for safe production

specifically, the following problems are common in the safety management of coal chemical enterprises, resulting in the occurrence of accidents:

3.1. The management of the company does not have a deep understanding of the relationship between production and safety, and does not pay enough attention to safety.

many enterprise management also know that "safety first" should be "safety first", and they often emphasize safety work when arranging work. However, due to insufficient understanding of the importance of safety in the steady development of enterprises, and the lack of necessary safety legal concepts and basic knowledge of safety management, safety management often fails to grasp the key points. When there is a conflict between production and safety, many enterprise managers have a fluke mentality and violate safety regulations at will. So that the safety management level of the enterprise can not be upgraded

some enterprises do not pay attention to safety in the process of normal management and evaluation of excellence and selection of advanced products. Once an accident occurs and causes heavy losses, they understand the importance of safety and begin to pay close attention to safety and implement safety regulations meticulously. However, under the strict control of safety, after the production safety of the enterprise tends to improve, it gradually starts to pay more attention to production than safety, and turns a blind eye to illegal command and illegal operation, which eventually leads to the occurrence of the next accident

3.2. The implementation of safety responsibilities is not in place, laws are not complied with, and rules are not followed.

in the process of applying for trial production approval and applying for the work safety license, many enterprises have established and improved a series of systems and systems such as the three major procedures (process procedures, safety technical procedures, and operating procedures), the work safety system for all posts, and various safety management systems, but there are poor applicability in the actual management process The lack of publicity and strict assessment resulted in the inadequate implementation of safety production responsibilities. Many enterprise managers only emphasized that "safety is very important" and "safety is the first" in their speeches, but did not really implement them. Being complacent and complacent about the status quo, the potential safety hazards can be seen everywhere. The preparation of many graphene, carbon nanotubes and metamaterials will be a field of great concern. Workers do not understand that many violations will inevitably lead to accidents, and many small accidents will inevitably lead to major accidents. The phenomenon of illegal operation in enterprises is serious

3.3. The safety education and training work of enterprises is not enough, which is a mere formality

national laws and regulations and industry standards include safety training into mandatory provisions. We also know that training and education work is very important, but the inspection found that the overall situation of training in many enterprises is far from the requirements. The personnel who organized and implemented the training did not take the training as an important work, and most of them went through the motions. The requirements of training hours, main lecture content and training effect assessment were not implemented in strict accordance with relevant regulations. Therefore, the training effect is not ideal

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