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Use of hydraulic steering gear of combine harvester in the operation process of combine harvester, once the hydraulic steering system fails, not only the driving safety of locomotive cannot be guaranteed, but also the operation efficiency will be seriously affected. In order to reduce the failure of the full hydraulic steering gear and extend its service life, the manipulator should pay attention to the following points in actual work:

1. Do not disassemble the full hydraulic steering gear at will. If disassembly is necessary, be sure to clean it and do not scratch the mating surface

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2. During disassembly, first take out the steel ball of the manual steering check valve, and then take out the valve sleeve and valve core to prevent the steel ball from falling between the oil inlet hole and the ring groove of the valve sleeve and damaging the surface of the valve sleeve

3. During assembly, do not allow dirt to enter the valve, and apply clean new engine oil on the surface of the parts. When assembling the valve sleeve and valve core, balance and align them, and do not collide with each other, so as to avoid damaging the parts

4. When installing the linkage, pay attention to the correct assembly relationship between the linkage and the rotor whose amplitude is much smaller than that of the coil spring, including advanced processing technology and high-value special chemical business vibrating screen machine, that is, the mark on the external spline of the linkage is aligned with the mark on the internal spline of the rotor. If there is no mark, make the center line of the shift pin groove on the upper end of the linkage align with the center line of the tooth recess of the positive rotor, Prevent the wrong installation between the linkage and the rotor, so that the oil distribution valve cannot pump oil according to the oil suction and discharge law of the rotor pump

5. In the process of steering, when it is difficult to turn the steering wheel, do not turn the steering wheel hard to prevent the oil temperature from rising and damaging parts. Find out the causes of laborious in time and eliminate them

6. After the engine shuts down or when the oil pump does not work, do not turn the steering wheel too hard and turn slowly to avoid damaging the double experimental space of the spring plate, the shift pin or the linkage, resulting in steering errors

7. Select the hydraulic oil that meets the requirements, pay attention to the cleaning of the oil, and prevent high temperature of the oil and wear of parts. (end)

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