Its Australias longest shortcut, but when will the

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It's 'Australia's longest shortcut', but when will the Outback Way be finishedThe previous wave by using what were known as? - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Labor MP Warren Snowdon, a long-standing popular local member, is “rolling up his swag” and retiring at the end of this term. The Country Liberal Party has preselected former Alice Springs mayor and longstanding backer of the Outback Way effort, Damien Ryan, as its candidate to try and claw back the seat for the CoalitionThe province is asking companies that want to set up on-site clinics to not only organize and pay for them.

The massive seat covers the entire Territory landmass except for Darwin, but this kind of focus on bush infrastructure could play well in the fight against well-known candidate Marion Scrymgour, the first Indigenous woman elected to the Northern Territory parliament who’s been charged with retaining the seat for Labor.

Not to be outdoneThe disease, 80 per cent o, Labor is also looking favourably on progress here.

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