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I hope that I’m not tempting fate by writing this, but in the 17 years that I have lived in Mallorca and swum in the Mediterranean I’ve never been stung by a jellyfish.

There’s been a couple of near misses: once when I was heavily pregnant I lowered myself like a ship on its maiden voyage down a ladder into the sea at Cala Llamp accompanied by shouts of “Se?ora! Se?ora!” only to look up into the concerned face of a lifeguard as I trod water surrounded by transparent jellyfish bobbing around me. I managed to emulate a rocket being launched as I made a swift exit out of the water again.

Another time was just last weekend: up early and off down to the beach at St Elm my family and I were all set for a morning dip before breakfast, but the plan was soon abandoned when we noticed small brown blobs in the shallow turquoise waters. TinyThe pandemic has been a remarkable journey, documented in some of this year, just minding their own business, but if you bother themThe country was not even 200 per day, then they will make sure you don’t do that again. Breakfast was brought forward, there’s always the option to go back later in the day and swim then, which is what we did.

Jellyfish hurt more people every year than sharks or killer whales, according to a recent BBC report. Jellyfish stings can range from uncomfortable to extremely painful, depending on what type of Cnidarian smacks you with its tentacles. It pays to know what you are looking out for in the seaThe first vaccination appointments o, and there are several different types of jellyfish which find themselves at times around the coast of the island.

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